Street Photography Interview with John Goldsmith in Vancouver

Funny story– Take Kayo was interviewing me in the streets of Vancouver when John Goldsmith (in my opinion the best street photographer in Vancouver) pops out of some bushes and starts photographing us. We then turned the lens onto John, and I do a brief interview with him on the streets– asking him about his techniques, his “keeper” rates, and his passion for street photography.

You can check a longer interview I’ve done with John on the blog here.

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  • Brian Day

    Ha, nice one, E.

    It’s worth noting (in Captain Obvious fashion) that John Goldsmith and Maciej Dakowicz (along with dirtyharry, I believe) are the perfect case studies for being ridiculously talented street photographers who use regular ol’ DSLR’s. :)

    • Eric Kim

      Haha thanks B – great point about using a DSLR, you can really rock the streets with any camera:) Hope all is well in Detroit!

  • Aunt Sally

    The dude with the camera sounded supremely annoyed and kept trying to bring the conversation back to his gear-fagging self, hahaha.

  • adrian

    nice. i would have love to know how you keep and organise more than 100 thousands pictures !

  • Tom K.

    Goldsmiths’ work is incredible.