“Shooting Street” Podcast Interview

1x1.trans Shooting Street Podcast Interview

Lansing, Michigan 2013. Part of my on-going “Suits” project.

Thanks a ton to Michael Meinhardt for interviewing me for the “Shooting Street” podcast. We talked about shooting street photography with flash, finding your own style, overcoming boredom, shooting film, photo books, and ideas for the future! Check out the hour-long interview below:

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  1. David says

    What a refreshing piece. In this age of internet fatigue, it’s nice to hear such a wise, positive message. Keep up the good work Eric.

  2. Trey Derbes says

    Great podcast. Very informative. Thanks for sharing, Eric. I hope you do a workshop in the Bay Area soon!

  3. Joe says

    I really enjoyed the podcast and Michael asked you some really interesting and insightful questions. I like how open you are to different possibilities and the frankness with which you speak about your own learning process, it’s very inspirational. By the way I live out in Yekaterinburg, Russia, have you ever been out to Moscow? It’s a really cool place to shoot :)

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