Video Review of the Fujifilm X-T1 for Street Photography

When I was here in Dubai for Gulf Photo Plus, the guys from Fujifilm were generous enough to give me a new Fujifilm X-T1, the Fujifilm 23mm f/1.4 (35mm full-frame equivalent), as well as the Fujifilm 27mm f/2.8 Lens (~40mm full-frame equivalent). I shot with it everyday for around a week.

Overall I like the camera a lot and would highly recommend it (superb image quality, great form factor, and responsive). Some downsides are that the AF isn’t as accurate and quick as other cameras (like the Olympus OMD)– although it is a huge improvement from the X-Pro 1 and x100s. Hope this improves with future firmware updates.

I have a in-depth text-based review coming, but in the meanwhile– check out my video review above. I talk a bit more in-detail the near features of the cameras as well as more in-depth thoughts on how I like it in street photography!

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  • CoffeeWithChris

    Probably realized it but when you ran in to that problem with changing the focus area size I’m pretty sure you were still in manual focus mode in which you can’t change the size ;-)

    • Eric Kim

      Ahhh thanks for the insight Chris!

      • CoffeeWithChris

        No problem. After you get used to it you’ll realize quickly when you are in manual focus without trying to focus and without looking at the front of the camera because the manual focus box is rectangular while the regular focus box, that’s adjustable, is square.

  • Vernon Szalacha

    Hey Eric. I’ve wondered when you shoot film (Portra on your M6), and then scan the film to your computer, do you ever tweak it in any way, in Lightroom or another software?

    • Eric Kim

      For Portra 400 I always use the lab scans from Costco. Sometimes I adjust some white balance if the scans look a bit funky, and sometimes add some more contrast in LR

  • Lainer

    If you don’t like the Fuji, PLEASE give it to me. I LOVE Fuji. Heck, sell it to me cheap even.

  • Guru

    What’s the point of this review? When did street photography become gear oriented? Remember Alex Majoli shot with an Olympus point & shoot camera?

    • Eric Kim

      Hi guru, I think it doesn’t matter which camera you shoot street photography with – you can create great images with any camera.

      But I wrote this review for people who were interested in the XT-1 for street photography– and I tried to be as helpful as I could

  • Jared Lawson

    This is a fantastic camera, it is not as fast as Nikon/Canon DSLR’s but for a lightweight camera perfect for carrying around on a trip and for street/portrait photography it is excellent California Wedding Photographer

  • Paul Holmes

    Must be nice to have a £1300 camera just for fun and messing around – even better if you get it for nothing. :-)

    • Eric Kim

      It is a privilege!

  • Kalle Prorok

    Thank you Eric, interesting. I have been using X-T1 for a few weeks now and it is time to decide whether to abandon some of the heavy cameras and go for the slightly heavy but lovely 23/1.4 and 56/1.2. The sensor is similar, with phase-AF, to the X-E2 and X100s, not X-Pro1 or X100 who lacks phase-pixels. The AF is sometimes a bit slow but I think comparable to OMD in low light? (Do you focus quicker w the Leica?). Welcome back to Umeå; we will have a Street photo exhibition on our intense cultural day may 24th but I look forward to see you anytime. /Kalle

  • Randolph_Knackstedt

    The XT1 uses a newer sensor (and processor) than the X-PRO1. Though whether that translates to any discernible difference in IQ is debateable.

    I disagree with the comment that if you’re using an autofocus camera, you should probably only use autofocus settings. Many great street photographers easily use autofocus camera’s for manual focus, zone and hyperfocal shooting. I used a 24mm film lens on my X-PRO1 almost exclusively with great results. And I think all my “street” shots on my X100S I used zone / hyperfocal settings. Just my thoughts.

    How come so many comparisons to the X100S? Since the XT1 is an MILC, I’d think comparisons to the X-PRO1 and X-E1 / X-E2 would be more fair. The X100S and XT1 are in two different camera categories.

    Erick, did you talk with Fuji about them releasing an X-PRO2? You said “The X-PRO2 is probably going to come out by next year so if you could hold out until then I might just wait until you get the X-PRO2.”

  • Richard Hurst

    You stated you’ve not been paid but they’ve given you $3500 worth of gear. I call that a good pay day!

  • Xram

    Eric Fuji XT-1 with 23mm/27mm or Olympus OM-D E-M1 with 17mm?

  • Mritunjay

    First Impressions: Fujifilm X-T1 – #UnposePhotography
    My review of the Fujifilm X-T1 with Fujinon 56mm 1.2 R! The lens is still not officially available in India. Hope this is helpful.