In Conversation: William Klein Talks About His Multifaceted Body of Work

If you are a fan of William Klein, check out this nearly 2-hour interview with MADMuseum. Klein talks about working on the streets, in the studio, and on making his feature films. A great watch to check out over this weekend!

Thanks to Jonas Petermann for sending over the link!

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  • Lex Arias


  • Michael Meinhardt

    I don’t really share the enthusiasm for this video, simply because it’s too long and Klein gets lost in a lot of details about painting and doing this and doing that. Street photography is but one short aspect of this conversation, which really spans his entire artistic life.

    I bet if someone made that video youtube-worthy and cut together the more salient points he made about photography, it would get ten times as many viewers from the SP community. We very much live in a bullet-point society now and watching this long-form stuff unfold drives me up the proverbial wall. I’d rather be out shooting. My two cents. :)