Street Photography Travel Diary: Sweden, London, and Seattle

It has been a while since I made a travel video– and I wanted to share some of my experiences traveling and shooting street photography in Sweden, London, and Seattle. I share some thoughts and what I’ve been up to in the video above (filmed in Seattle).

I am also working on some “street photography guides” on where to shoot in those cities (and grab some great food and drinks)– keep posted!

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  • Tyson Williams

    Let’s call it what it is… LOL Just like Canada, Sweden is simply civilized where people look after each other as society. Full disclosure I am in Canada :) PS I love your glasses…

  • frankie

    Awesome! Looking forward to the London workshop in November!

  • payami

    Hi Eric
    I’m a landscape photographer. At least before 2014! I fall in love with street. I newbie. borrow a X10 from my friend and try it to sure I can take picture on the street and this is result:
    I read two book and online articles and see tone of photos and of course read your blog. Wow! it’s awesome and there are a lot of things to learn. I’m working on a new website for my photos. I want just to tell you Thank you for these useful posts on your blog.

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