40 Street Photography Resolutions Ideas for 2014

San Francisco, 2013

San Francisco, 2013

Now that the new year is under way, I thought it would be a good idea that we could all choose a new year’s resolution in street photography.

I know how difficult it is to keep to a new year’s resolution, but I think it is something fun that we can all look forward to. I just came up with some ideas that we could try experimenting or doing for 2014. Feel free to pick and choose what appeals to you:

1. Shoot with only one-camera and one-lens for all of 2014.
2. Don’t upload any photos to social media for all of 2014 (and share your 12 best photos at the end of the year).
3. Buy at least one photo book a month (and read/analyze it intensely).
4. Pursue a photography project (of your choice) and publish it at the end of 2014 (around 15-20 photos).
5. Make a portfolio website with a tight edit of your photography (such as: yourfirstnamelastnamephoto.com). For a free option, I recommend 500px.com. For a professional paid portfolio site, I recommend 4ormat.com for ease of use.
6. Take at least one photo everyday (note: you don’t need to upload it everyday).
7. Take at least one photography workshop.
8. Stick to black and white or color for all of 2014.
9. Go on a road trip.
10. Mark all of your photos to private on Flickr, and only make your best 10 photos public (be warned: this will erase your “favorites” — but note this is hugely refreshing).
11. Go to at least one photography exhibition, gallery, or show at least once a month (doesn’t have to be photography, either).
12. Don’t buy any new cameras, lenses, or gear for 2014 (and stick with the equipment you already have).
13. Shoot only film (if you are a digital shooter), or only shoot digital (if you are a film shooter) for all of 2014.
14. Donate a camera or volunteer time to a local photography program.
15. Stick to only one film or digital preset for all of 2014.
16. Go at least on one trip somewhere overseas to photograph.
17. Do a photography project of your own city, town, area.
18. Leave at least 4 sentences per comment/critique on other people’s photos online.
19. Do a joint-photography project with a friend or fellow street photography colleague.
20. Have an exhibition of your work (can be in a small coffee shop, or even your own house!)
21. Do a “street portrait” project of interesting people you meet in the streets.
22. Only use the minimum focusing distance on your camera (or .7 meters) when shooting on the streets for a month.
23. Look all of the portfolios of the photographers in Magnum (for free on [MagnumPhotos.com](http://magnumphotos.com)
24. Print out your photos and give them to at least 10 of your friends.
25. Interview a fellow street photographer for your blog/website/etc.
26. Write a list of 10 of the most important things you learned in street photography and share it via social media.
27. Shoot using only a smartphone for all of 2014.
28. Learn how to develop black and white film by yourself.
29. Meet at least one local street photographer in your own city (and shoot with him/her for a day).
30. Watch at least one photography-related documentary once a month.
31. Read “On Being a Photographer” by David Hurn
32. Buy a copy of “Magnum Contact Sheets” and study every single page.
33. Learn another art (besides photography) like painting, drawing, sculpture, music, etc.
34. Look at all of the photos in the Hardcore Street Photography Pool.
35. Start your own photography collective (local or international).
36. Only check social media once a week.
37. If you are a 35mm film shooter, shoot medium-format for all of 2014.
38. Meet with another (or several) street photographers at least once a month.
39. Host a local group street photography show.
40. Start your own street photography blog.

(Feel free to copy and paste any of this, edit it, or add to it, and share it however you would like!)

What other street photography resolutions do you plan on trying out– or you would suggest? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below!

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  • mark

    Nice ideas – which I could afford to do #32

  • Paul Donohoe

    I like #35. Been thinking about a particular idea. maybe it’s time to actually do the ground work and get it going. Got the blog! and am on the road trip, Just a few others to tick off. Can’t do the b/w or colour only mind you. too chicken hahaha

  • Richard Owen

    Why restrict it to just “street photography”? As a former newspaper photojournalist, I have relocated and have already decided to get to know my new location by getting out and doing some features on people in the area. While the pieces will only be published through my own blog, this is a way to give purpose to my shooting which is what I feel I need as I transition to retirement.

    • http://stephenbray.me/ Stephen_BRAY

      Richard, I think it inevitable Eric will restrict his post to street photography, in fact many of his posts are already too eclectic for ‘street’ purists. That said, I agree with you about getting out and about photographing the environment. When I lived in a city I photographed the streets, and now I live on a beach I photograph the countryside, and the beach ;)

      But why are you restricting yourself to just publishing on your blog? Plenty of local journals will take images from freelancers, and may bring attention to your work. Irving Penn made photographs right up until the end of his life, and David Bailey (75) and Kikujiro Fukushima (92) are still working and being published :)

  • MintChocs

    Good article, lots of food for thought.

  • Eliot

    some really great ideas! im going to try to get a buddy of mine to do the joint project! *eyes luke!*

  • isabellasfoto

    Great idea’s and inspiration!:-)


  • joy

    wow… amazing!
    I don’t like: 13-22-27-37-40
    I love: 1-2-9-16-24-36
    thank you Kim

  • http://fo2oz.com/ Waleed Alzuhair

    Eric, can you share with us, which ones did you pick for yourself? No pressure, I’m just curious :)

    • http://erickimphotography.com/blog Eric Kim

      Hi Waleed, my new year’s resolution is to actually make more YouTube videos on street photography :)

      • http://fo2oz.com/ Waleed Alzuhair

        That’s always nice.. Best of luck, and hope to attend your next workshops in Dubai :)

  • smaddy

    For those people who shoot tethered, here is an amazing indiegogo project that has wireless tethering for Nikon and Canon DSLR:


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  • http://www.LeslieDeanBrown.com/ Leslie Dean Brown

    No way I’d do #27 again.

    My aim for 2014 is to try and produce at least 1 good photo per day. It’s *extremely* hard to get even 4 or 5 interesting shots. So I might up this to 2 or 3 depending on how I go. But for now just one is better than nothing. Up til now I might have got one shot per week that I am happy with, which is pretty lame.

    I also plan on just using the car less. Simply walking around with a half-way decent camera produces the best street photos IMHO.

    I have been doing black & white (set on the camera) for 4 months but could’t get out every day due to other commitments. Would have set raw B&W if I could have. It has been rewarding. Pretty soon you start seeing things only in terms of contrast.

  • http://www.muslinscheap.com Undnn

    Wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

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  • Michael Rasmussen

    #31 is doing great things for me.

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