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Hector: My name is Hector Isaac. I’m 24, Cuban-born living in Miami, FL, I’m a Computer Science student and work as an auditor on the medical field.

Funny enough photography came as way to escape computers, as it involved much of my life from work, to school, and as a hobby as well. It all started back in December of 2011 after I read Life Magazine: A 100 Photographs that Changed the World. Soon after I bought my first camera, theFuji x100, and since then I have spent as much free time as possible photographing on the streets. Recently have been lucky enough to participate on 2 street photography events as a result: Miami International Street Photography and You Are Here II in Los Angeles.

Inspirations are hard to pinpoint in my case as I’m still very new at this and still trying to define myself, so the best way I can find is by bringing up this quote:

“There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.” –Ernst Haas.

This applies enormously at the way I see and photograph, always trying something new. Keep in mind, by new, I don’t mean new to photography. Rather, new to myself– whether it is ais a technique, subject matter, or different tools I use to challenge myself to get results with it. A downside is that perhaps you can say it causes my work to be all over the place. But I’m ok with that: it shows who I’m, after all.

I have no preference over b&w or color, nor whether flash is used or not. I try to capture whatever I have in mind. If it works great, if it doesn’t: move on. I do however see distinction on the subject matter between my black and white and color works. My black and white images are usually more graphical (patterns/lines/geometrical shapes) or have a sense or film noir. My color work on the other hand, tends to be more about juxtapositions, surrealism and layering.

My advise to all other new street photographers is to try different things; don’t get stuck in the “one way” to do street photography. Experiment and try out something you may have wanted to try, but were afraid or it didn’t match your “style.” Get it out of your system and try it out. Who knows, you may like it more. Also find photographers whose work and opinion you respect and make a friend out of them. Ask them for questions and serious critiques as it will make you continually challenge yourself.

What’s next for me? Film.

Black & White Work

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Hectoc Isaac-10 Hectoc Isaac-11

Hectoc Isaac-16

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Color Work

Hectoc Isaac-4Hectoc Isaac-7  Hectoc Isaac-9 Hectoc Isaac-12 Hectoc Isaac-13  Hectoc Isaac-15  Hectoc Isaac-17 Hectoc Isaac-18