“More Than Photography”: A Mini-Documentary on SF Street Photographers Brad Evans and Travis Jensen

Eric’s Note: Denmark-based street photographer Jonas Husballe Normann recently embarked on a U.S. tour this summer, and met SF-based street photographers Brad Evans and Travis Jensen. After getting to know them, Jonas was inspired by their work and how they gave back to the community and made this mini-documentary on them and their work. Below is a description of the video/documentary from Jonas.

Jonas: I finally got time to edit some more video from my U.S. tour this summer. I didn’t shoot quite as much as I had planned, but it was still enough to create a story about two talented photographers, Brad Evans and Travis Jensen, as I got to know them on my trip. In the process I developed a lot of respect for their photography.

They spent a year shooting and then creating a photo journal about San Francisco’s Tenderloin district. It’s a very underserved neighborhood that many consider as rough on the edges. I spent a lot of time there, but I didn’t shoot too much because it can be dangerous to visit and play tourist with a camera. Travis used to live in the Tenderloin as a young man and both him and Brad have a good understanding and awareness of the area’s dynamics.

Instead of showing only the bad side of the neighborhood that other photographers have emphasized in the past, Brad and Travis were determined to portray the area’s positive aspects.

The book’s profits are donated to a social charity in the neighborhood that helps at-risk youth living on the street.

Read more to see photos from Brad Evans and Travis Jensen.

Photos by Brad Evans

Brad Evans Street Photography

Brad Evans Street Photography

Brad Evans Street Photography

Brad Evans Street Photography

Brad Evans Street Photography

Brad Evans Street Photography

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Photos by Travis Jensen









30th and Mission Streets


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You can see a preview of “Tenderloin USA” and purchase a print copy here

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  • Tony Rowlett

    I met up with Brad and a couple of other fellas in San Francisco a handful of years ago to do some street photography. It was great fun. I first “met” Brad on the Leica forum of photo.net.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Donohoe/100000308877053 Paul Donohoe

    exactly A a lot of so-called “street photographers” are as Travis says arseholes with cameras…right on…truly humanist artists and thanks for the video, the inspiration and the work you do AND AND you’ve raised money for at risk young people…well done!!!

  • Brian Sparks

    very nicely done!

  • PhotoStudious

    Just arrived in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago! I’ll be going to photography school here, nice article and hopefully get to run into them one of these days = )

  • steveniphoto

    i’ll have to keep a look out for these guys when i’m out and about. thanks for sharing.

  • David Horton

    really great video, and philosophy. thanks for sharing.

  • marie

    Brad is one of my modern day street heros.

  • M

    Nice, love the story.