Dodge & Burn T-Shirt Giveaway!

Christmas is around the corner and Dodge & Burn is feeling generous.  They know that many of you streettogss are rangefinder users, so they’re giving away four of their awesome t-shirts featuring vintage rangefinder cameras.  The Rangefinder Classic, Street Shooter, Fast Shooter and V-Squared tees are up for grabs! If you’re a fan of Leica, the Canon 7 mounted with the legendary 50mm f0.95 or the rare Voigtlander Vitessa, you’re going to want one of these t-shirts!

To enter: 

  1. Head over to the new Dodge & Burn Facebook page and and like them.
  2. Post on the Dodge & Burn wall which of the Rangefinder ClassicStreet ShooterFast Shooter or V-Squared t-shirt you like best.
  1.  Head over to the new Dodge & Burn website.
  2. Post in the comment section here which of the Rangefinder ClassicStreet ShooterFast Shooter or V-Squared t-shirt you like best.

This contest will end Friday, December 21st, 2012. We’ll randomly pick four winners and announce it on the blog! Good luck to everyone!

Connect with Dodge & Burn on their website, Facebook, or Twitter (@DodgeNYC).

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  • Sam Griffiths

    Fast shooter yo

  • I am Bidong

    Rangefinder Classic!

  • Adil Boukind

    I want the fast shooter !!!

  • Safuan Shahril

    Fast shooter please! :D

  • psesinkclee


  • N

    Rangefinder Classic !

  • Ben

    Street Shooter is the best!

  • KM05

    I want D&B Classic Black!!:)

  • 0511

    Fast shooter pls!!

  • Joel

    Rangefinder Classic is the best!

  • Deb P

    I’d love to rock the Rangefinder classic please!

  • Erick

    Fast shutter for me, please!

  • George Smyth

    That’s an easy one, the V-SQUARED t-shirt is boss.

  • Eric Spiegel

    Fast shooter for me. :-D

  • Giovanni M

    The classic D&B in white lettering on black

  • Æsop

    Fast Shooter is awesome.

  • Cutebun

    I like the Street shooter shirt the most! =)

  • howard

    Street Shooter is the bombdiggity

  • Prema Sathasivam

    I love the V-Squared t-shirt.

  • Mark

    Love the Fast Shooter.

  • Bruno Candeias

    The street shooter! great shirt :D

  • Kevin Ward

    Love the FastShooter. Fast and friendly…

  • Ben Hawksworth

    The Street Shooter is a fantastic TShirt. Love the Leica image on it which makes it even better!

  • Balaji R Sharma

    The FastShooter’s a great pick. An elegant portrayal of the rangefinder mindset.

  • Tod Heckert

    love the fast shooter.

  • Alex

    I really like the Rangefinder Classic.

  • Dennis Yeoh

    i like the FAST SHOOTER!!!

  • Simon

    Love the dodge and burn!

    • Simon

      street shooter I was going to say.

  • James I

    Streeeet Shoooooter is my fav! The closest I will get to having an M3…

  • Amram Robert

    I absolutely admire the street shooter shirt!

  • Eljon

    I really like the fast shooter shirt. :)

  • Albert

    I like the street shooter shirt!

  • sicbo

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