Street Photography in Chicago with the Samsung NX20 for the “Shoot Wow” Live Campaign

I am excited to share that starting today (Thursday 11/29-Friday 11/30) I will be doing a live-streaming street photography exhibition with the Samsung NX20. The concept is that every 2 hours I will be emailing (via the NX20) my best photos to a gallery space in the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam every 2 hours alongside 4 other street photographers. Edit: footage of the video and shots will be available later!

If anyone is available in Amsterdam to check out the exhibition, see all the details on Facebook here.

Confused or want to learn more? See the video above or keep reading below!

My live-streaming camera setup

Hooked up with a live-action camera (strapped to my head) the Samsung Galaxy S3 (to wirelessly tether) and the Samsung NX20 (of course to take photos). My robocop outfit below:

Samsung Shoot Wow Share Now Live Wifi Exhibition

On Thursday 29 November and Friday 30 November, the first two days of the exhibition, Eric Kim from the US, JB Maher from Ireland, Jens Mollenvanger from Belgium, Nico Chiapperini from Italy, and Jesse Kraal from the Netherlands will hit the streets and take photographs in different cities at the same time.

Each of them will be equipped with a Samsung NX 20camera with WiFi. They will be able to upload their best photographs directly to the exhibition via a wireless internet connection, where they will be displayed on special TV screens for each photographer.In this 2.0 exhibition, instead of pictures in frames, there are Samsung Smart TVs on the wall. The public will get to see the exhibition evolve in real time, one photograph after the other. Furthermore, they will be able see live images of the creative process as it happens.Each photographer will have a small video camera with them. The video images will be streamed directly to the Beurs van Berlage, so that the public will feel as if they are right in the middle of the action! The live video stream can also be followed on Samsung’s Facebook page.

The five photographers will have 48 hours to film their part of the exhibition. But the Shoot Wow, Share Now exhibition will also continue after these two days. Visitors will be able to admire the uploaded photographs and videos in the Beurs van Berlage until Sunday 9 December.

In addition to just looking at the exhibition, the public will also be able to use a Samsung NX camera themselves: they will be able to make a special self-portrait that they can download and use as a profile photograph for Facebook, for example.

The Samsung exhibition will be free so everyone who loves photography and street photography can get involved.

See the live stream here. (look at the count-down at the bottom of the page to see when it starts!)

Photos with the NX20

I tested the Samsung NX20 the last few days, and here are some street portraits I shot with it:

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  • Hater/ Troll

    You are free to do whatever you like, but associating words like ‘photography’ and ‘exhibition’ with a circus like this will convey a wrong message to future photographers that passionately want to practice this art form.
    Also, my request to Samsung, please show some corporate social responsibility by refraining from organizing such things in future. You are not doing any good to this art form.

    • Eric Kim

      Hey Hater/Troll,

      What about this campaign and exhibition are you not fond of? I think it is one of the most interesting and innovative photography-related campaigns I ever heard of.

      It gives a unique look into the ‘ways of working’ of different street photographers, and my 4 colleagues in this project are all very talented street photographers. I also found the campaign personally stimulating, having to create 2 ‘good’ photos an hour to share. It truly pushed me outside of my comfort zone, and I think it is something that was good for my photography.

      Also for a huge company like Samsung to support campaigns encouraging street photography is incredible. I only wish there can be other companies that promote the same innovative initiatives.

      • Ryan

        It’s not a pure “initiative”. They saw that 24,000 people “like” you on facebook so they’re using you as a tool in a pathetic attempt to sell their low grade camera. It’s a cheap marketing gimmick.

      • Hater/ Troll

        What about this campaign and exhibition i’m not fond of? Well, i’m not fond of anything.
        You call this a innovative photography related campaign. Look, Henri Cartier-Bresson started photographing in 1930. His first book was published in 1952, after 22 years of photography. A man of Bresson’s stature needed 22 years to publish a book.

        Here, you and your colleagues will be uploading 1 photo to the exhibition every two hours. Really man, compared to your talent, Bresson is a mere back-bencher.
        You will be uploading using an in-camera wifi. How will you judge your best photo? By looking at a 2.5″ LCD? unless of course there is an editorial team at the other end to do the selection process for you.

        You wrote Samsung is doing an incredible job of encouraging street photography. If they are at all serious about encouraging street photography, tell them to fund some worthy projects. I think John Mahloof will welcome sponsorship for his Vivian Maier project.

        • Kelvin Ah Kian

          Dude, HCB was using film camera, If he was to use a digital camera, doesn’t it only take him less than that?

          A simple way to encourage street photography is actually to have the camera with you all the time. Sure, funding for some worthy projects sounds interesting but I fail to see how it helps or encourage ‘street photography’ to the masses.

          • Hater/ Troll

            So you think HCB took 22 years to publish a book because he was a film photographer. OK, you are free to think that.

            Do you think, had HCB been a digital photographer, would have instantly shared his photos with a built-in wifi? I don’t think so. I don’t think any of the established street photographers of today that use digital will do so.

            Garry Winogrand used to shoot three rolls of film each day. How many years of photography is involved behind each of his books? 5 to 10 years

            I reiterate, this approach is nothing but a circus and i’m happy some people agree with me.

            “……I fail to see how it helps or encourage ‘street photography’ to the masses.”

            I’d like to know what you mean by ‘masses’. I suppose you mean those people that do not possess special knowledge of photography, people that use a camera to take family photographs.

            Now, why are you or for that matter, Eric Kim, so worried to encourage street photography to the masses? I know Eric Kim will come up with a big philosophical answer.

            Let’s be honest, there is no other motive than to sell your product( be it a photograph or a camera).

            Now some more disheartening facts –

            Masses don’t buy photographs. Photography books never make it to the best seller list. Those are printed in small number and purchased by people having knowledge of photography.

            Now, the ‘masses’ will run away from you once you approach them to buy a print. The simple reason being for the price of a print, they can go to a movie and have pop-corns and ice-cream.

            So, how it ends ? People with knowledge of photography wont buy your photo (you know why) and the masses will not buy either.

            So, instead of playing the fool with photography, try to give it something. If you give something to photography, photography will give you back a lot. It’s after all , a generous medium( Friedlander)


            Haters gonna hate

    • The Anti Troll

      Who cares if it’s a commercial or not? Don’t pretend you wouldn’t jump at the chance if Samsung had called you instead of Eric. Don’t pretend you’ve contributed a slug to “future photographers that passionately want to practice this art form.”

      Who cares if the quality of the photos in this exercise are top notch or not? The point is obviously to demonstrate the technology. Compared to, say, war photography or reportage, street photography is low hanging fruit to pilot the process and workflow of capturing and sharing images in an innovative way. This is quite clearly an experiment.

      Elliot Erwitt’s Personal Best exhibition in Venice this summer prominently featured his street photography in the context of a fashion designers ad campaign, and he even recreated one of his most famous shots with mannequins all wearing the designers clothes. Does that make Erwitt a sellout, or damage the “art form?”

      The hilarity here is that Eric is not free to do whatever he likes, because you are sure to be close behind, sniffing his drawers, ready to cry foul. You do, however, have the power to do some good to this “art form:” get a life.

      • Hater/ Troll

        Why interfere when you have nothing to contribute?

        “Elliot Erwitt’s Personal Best exhibition in Venice this summer
        prominently featured his street photography in the context of a fashion
        designers ad campaign, and he even recreated one of his most famous
        shots with mannequins all wearing the designers clothes. Does that make
        Erwitt a sellout, or damage the “art form?””
        Irrelevant piece of information, it has nothing to do with this discussion.

        • The Anti Troll

          A renowned street photographer (Erwitt) mixes his street photography with a commercial gig. Relevant.

          Annnd, YOU have *what* to contribute, exactly, besides your dazzling stupidity? Hack away…

          • Hater/ Troll

            The fact that you are using foul language proves you have no point to stand by Eric Kim. You are an immature person, so sit back and read what others are writing.

            And yes, Elliot Erwitt is not for people like you.

          • The Anti Troll

            Foul language? Immature person, says the pot to the kettle? This coming from a person who also calls HIMSELF a troll. For all everyone here knows, you and I might be the same person, just trying to get attention. Funny thing is, you have no idea who I am, but I’ve clearly annoyed you. I might BE Elliot Erwitt. I might be Eric Kim. WTF? The troll has a troll. How cool is that?

            Want me to go away? Shall we play a game, and put this to bed? Show the blogosphere your portfolio, and I’ll show mine. Let’s show everyone who’s the muppet, and who should keep their dilettante commentary to themselves. Game?

          • Hater/ Troll

            Do you find any sign of annoyance in my language? No, you have not annoyed me.
            I don’t want you to go away either. But for sure, the dilettante commentary has caused some uneasiness somewhere. The shoe is pinching.
            It doesn’t matter how good a photographer you are or how worthless a photographer i am.

          • Hater/ Troll

            Actually, you have annoyed me. You made me call myself worthless. Bollocks.

          • Hater/ Troll

            So now you have become Hater/Troll from Anti Troll……Shame, shame

            Take this from me-
            If you consider yourself worthless someday others will consider you worthy.

          • Hater/ Troll

            What I meant to say was, there’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.

  • Jesse Kraal

    Hi Eric, the actioncam suits you really well! ;) I was suprised that only a few people are aware of the camera while it’s not that stealthy.. How was your first day shootin’?

  • lizardo

    You’re a blogger, Eric. I think you’re missing the point of true street photography by walking around with a lipstick camera strapped to your head and making a spectacle of yourself. This isn’t street photography, it’s just a Samsung commercial. No offense man, but you just look like a hack. How did your grand idea to go camping/become a war photographer pan out?

    A credible street photog isn’t going to be out there with video cameras strapped to his head yelling, “Look at me, I’m a real street photographer, and I’m streaming my antics while Samsung pays me to sell this camera for them!” A good street photographer wouldn’t announce his/her presence at all, and his subjects would likely never know he/she captured a photo of them. And he certainly wouldn’t be stopping people to make driver license-style portraits of them. In the world of street photography, Cartier-Bresson is Bruce Lee, and you’re Rex Kwon Do. Stick to blogging, please.

  • EmmanuelLopez

    Sadly, we couldn’t view it in the States. I was very disappointed in Samsung for that. Oh, well hope you had fun out there. :)

  • Ralphie3

    I saw you have an article entitled “Why Digital Is Dead For Me in Street Photography”.

    Makes me go hmmm…

  • Kelvin Ah Kian

    Regardless to anyone who says anything about the marketing strategy, I find this is probably one of the most innovative photography campaign and exhibition to date. Utilizing something that is used by modern photojournalist.

    Its a great approach but I missed the livestream. Haters will hate though. :)

  • twocutedogs

    Some interesting comments below. I certainly agree that it is nigh on impossible to get decent work in a day or two. But I don’t think Samsung are expecting that. The camera is all about instant sharing I believe, so having an exhibition like this makes sense. Was Eric chosen for his photography or his FB following? I suspect it was the latter, which is a shame, but it makes sense from Samsungs point of view. I thought Eric did quite well given the time he had, so fair play to him.

    • Hater/ Troll

      I partly disagree. Of course the camera is all about instant sharing and it is apparent from their ad this camera is targeted to the consumer. So arranging a consumer oriented exhibition would have made sense, something like – Take a photo of your kid, instantly share with us and shortlisted photos will be exhibited . But i don’t think engaging photographers ( people that practice photography, whether amateur or professional) makes sense. This will convey a wrong message.

      Samsung is a new entrant in the photography market and i’m sorry to say they are yet to understand the difference between a camera and a television/refrigerator/washing machine, as such the word ‘photography’ does not bear any significance for them.

      Secondly, Eric Kim will have to decide which way he wants to go, he just cannot mix up both the worlds. He will have to decide for whom is this blog meant for, the photographer or the consumer. A photography blog cannot be for the consumer, he should open a lifestyle blog.

      He will teach street photography, he will discuss the ‘why’ of photography and he will also advocate instant sharing, all these things cannot go hand-in-hand. That’s ridiculous.

      I hope you understand.

      • Charlie Kirk

        You are right that Eric needs to decide which direction he wants to go in. He runs the risk of alienating his “more serious readers” if he uses his blog for commercial gain so blatantly. In my opinion, he should have shot for the project but not mentioned it here, but then would he have been commissioned in the first place?

        In terms of whether it was wrong to engage photographers, who knows? They may be adopting a multi faceted marketing strategy. Using Eric to promote the social media side of the camera makes sense to me, given that a large majority of his fans have found him through social media and are big participants in social media themselves.

        • Hater/ Troll

          Serious readers don’t take him seriously, so they will neither go with him nor alienate him. The problem here is not at all with the serious readers as they have a opinion of their own. Most of these serious readers find his blog by chance as he describes it as a photography blog. Thereafter, once they have read one or two posts, they keep coming back regularly to see what nonsense he is doing.

          The problem really is with the huge group of young readers that are yet to form an independent opinion of photography. They will start thinking Eric Kim Photography is the way all and end all of photography. I am talking about his blog readers, not his FB followers as i don’t consider FB as a platform for photography.

          I think someone needs to tell this group there is another world of photography apart from the one Eric Kim is showing them. Someone needs to tell them to follow blogs like – AMERICAN SUBURB X, Photocritic International etc.

          Why not have a blog for that? Man, blogging is a boring task. Easiest option is to use Eric Kim’s network, call me an asshole, i don’t mind.
          Let’s not talk about the marketing strategy and social media .
          You are a friend of Eric Kim and i believe you will show him the right direction.

          • Charlie Kirk

            There are plenty of people that check in here that know their stuff. Eric does post interesting interviews from time to time, and his summary of Garry Winogrand was very helpful to those that have not researched his work before. I’m sure the serious readers hope that Eric will do more articles and well constructed interviews, and I’d like to think they don’t all check in here for the nonsense stuff that you describe.

            Yes – I do have a bit of an issue with Eric and others “defining” street photography for the beginners. You have made a good point. But I’d like to think that most people are sensible enough to realise that there is more out there than Eric Kim. And note that Eric has often referred to lists of great photographers, books etc, so the material is out there and flagged. If people don’t want to look then it’s their loss. They wont get any better if they simply look at what’s here.

            I have spoken to Eric about what I think about the blog. He knows my views.

          • Hater/ Troll

            Thank you.

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    A candid breath of fresh air who, because of his perceived ill-treatment by the

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    their own credibility of argument.

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