Capturing the Constantly Vanishing Tokyo: Interview with Photographer Mike Nguyen

One of the guys I have been spending the most time with here in Tokyo is Mike Nguyen, a street photographer based in Tokyo. What I love about his work is that he is a very versatile photographer – combining landscapes, portraits, and street shots into his distinctive style. His photos are a visual diary of Tokyo and his life’s experiences – allowing him to “…hang onto what continually vanishes” and to “capture the minute splinter of reality that is a fleeting moment” (from his bio).

Watch the interview I did with him above, and see more of his images below.

Photos by Mike

Mike Nguyen Photography

Mike Nguyen Photography

Mike Nguyen Photography

Mike Nguyen Photography

Mike Nguyen Photography

Mike Nguyen Photography

Mike Nguyen Photography

Mike Nguyen Photography

Mike Nguyen Photography

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What feelings do you get from Mike’s images and what do you think of his images of Tokyo? Let us know and show him some love in the comments below! 

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  • stef coronel

    The last two photo’s give a real picture of japan. The first 7 pictures are great but could also made in paris, londen or ny in the sixties, only the people are japanese but the impression is sixties style. The photo’s could come from the whole world but that’s the price for globalizing I think.

  • Tom

    Some of these photos are so emotionally connection. Thanks for turning me onto to Mike’s work. I will be following him from now on.

  • Pilar

    Funny, I found another “Mike Nguyen”, a fashion photographer and I was confused, but I saw the differents webs they had and obviously, it’s a coincidence… I really like both works, but I have to say that I’m fascinated about Mike’s work because I’m not a big fan about street photography and I loved the photos.

    Sorry for my english, I’m trying my best from Spain ;)

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  • John

    I remember this guy getting disqualified at the Steve Huff M9 contest…. = /

  • Christian Nagasawa

    I really enjoy his shooting style. I like the esthetics, and I’m actually finding myself going more and more in this direction lately. Mike’s photos kinda remind me of Tommy Oshima, although more stripped-down of course.

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