Capturing The Spirit of Detroit: Video Interview with Brian Day, Street Photographer

The past weekend I had the great pleasure of catching up with Brian Day, a street photographer based in Detroit. I first met Brian Day through a reference by my manager, Neil Ta – and ever since I met Brian (like Neil) I have had a serious bro crush on him.

Not only is he a very talented photographer that explores many genres, but he is also incredibly humble.

Check out the interview I did with him above in which we talk about his early influences in photography, how it is to shoot street photography in detroit, and advice that he gives other street photographers starting off or trying to find their own unique voice in street photography.

I have done several features including Brian, including his “Walkers With the Dawn” series you can see here.

To see my past video interview with him (as well as his images) read on!

Interview with Brian Day and Review of the X-Pro 1

An interview I did with Brian this year in April.

Projects by Brian Day:

Time Traveler

everything will be alright

Welcome to Detroit, Mr. Banksy.
he played on
the negotiator
kiss the sky
where this road ends, another begins
time traveler

come what may
message received.

See the rest of the series on Brian’s website here.

Walkers With the Dawn

See my interview with Brian about the project here.

Street Photography in Detroit

Detroit, MI 2012
Detroit, MI 2012
...and the livin' is easy... (Detroit 2012))
field of dreams (Detroit 2012)
Albert Kahn's legacy
he told me a story without saying a word

dear mama [remix] (Detroit 2011)

See more of Brian’s street photography on his website here.

Follow Brian Day

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  • Monochrome Eye

    Love his work! The time traveler sereas is realy interesting. I hope he keeps up his good work. I am affraid he is documenting the death of a great city. I think his work brilliantly reflects the process.

  • Chris Clare

    Brian has such an incredible view of his home. I was fortunate enough to meet him while shooting in Detroit. Great videos Eric, and now I want a grilled chicken ceasar! :)

  • I am Bidong

    Hands off! He’s my bro crush!

  • Oliver Cargill

    Brian is such an inspiration to myself and im sure lots of other budding street photographers. As Chris rightly stated the way he snaps his home is so on point. I try do this not only in Yorkshire, England but try and shoot the way I would shoot my hometown wherever I am in the world. I am a young street photographer and would love someone to look at my work and give me some constructive criticism –

  • Nick Hensman

    First 10 images I don’t really appeal to me as street images due to the fact that
    well they aren’t really street for me but forgetting genre they look errrrr nice.
    Last few Images are better and I like your very enthusiastic interviewing

  • Habakkuk Stockstill

    Brian is awesome I love his works. Especially the Time Traveler series. Great interview.

  • Travis Jensen

    This dude is solid! Really diggin his work, especially the street series at the bottom. Respect…

  • Ben McDarmont

    Thanks for bringing us this great interview Eric. You can see Brian really loves and respects street photography.

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