Capturing The Simplicity in Chaos: The Street Photographs of Matt Obrey from the UK

Eric’s Note: I am happy to share the work of Matt Obrey, a street photographer based in the UK. He is part of the new revisedMEDIA collective, and I love his use of light, simplicity, and black & white + color for his work. In the streets where chaos reigns supreme, he is able to find those simple and sublime moments to find some order in this world of ours. Read more about him below and check out his images!

Matt: I’m a 37 year old self employed wall and floor tiler and have been shooting the streets now for around 2 years. I work with a Fuji X100 as my main camera and occasionally use my Pentax ME Super. I work in both black and white and also in colour. Im proud to be part of revisedMEDIA, a collective of photographers from around the globe.

Black & White Work

Matt Obrey

Matt Obrey


Matt Obrey

Matt Obrey

Matt Obrey

Matt Obrey


Color Work



Matt Obrey

Matt Obrey

Matt Obrey


Matt Obrey


Matt Obrey


More info about Matt:

Matt Obrey is a photographer born and bred in Birmingham, UK. Humorous and surreal moments happen all day everyday. Watching people in their everyday surroundings, whether it be on the streets, in parks, on buses or in the supermarkets and stealing these moments in time, helps to make sense of the chaotic world we live in. Capturing life as we sometimes may not see it, whilst looking for the extraordinary within the ordinary. Ultimately in search of the decisive moment.

Follow Matt:

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  • Lex Arias

    his use of shadows is amazing…

  • Jamie Furlong

    Nice work, Matt ;)

  • Des Byrne

    The Best Street Photographer in the UK today!!

    • Saron

      Take a look at Linda Wisdom, street photography. Also based in the UK, Matt likes her work as well.

  • Nimish

    lovely use of shadows while composing the images. I particularly love image number 6 under Black and White.

  • Maria Kappatou

    Wonderful work!!

  • Milan

    i feel like i have seen all these pictures before – now i got, it looks pretty much like the amazing work of japanese street photographer Shin Noguchi… check him out on flickr.

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  • Fabrizio Quagliuso

    Good stuff Matt – congratulations!

  • Jimmy Dovholt

    I really like what Matt does. He’s sense of light and shapes are very mature and competent. Big like.

  • Larkin McIntyre

    His BnW work is so strong…I’m feelin it !

  • Frank Rodriguez

    The first color one is so cool, so abstract. The textures look like macro until you see the shadow. I hate the crushed black shadows, but that’s taste, don’t like it in any photos cuz it just saps life.

  • BlackAndWhiteStreet

    beautiful works …. a master in the making

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  • Christos Kapatos

    Great Stuff. Matt’s colour is fantastic

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