Introduction to Hasselblad Medium Format Cameras by Jeroen Helmink

An introduction to using Hasselblad Medium Format Cameras by Jeroen Helmink, Dutch street photographer. Check out Jeroen’s work on his website or on Flickr!

Also if you are interested in getting a Hasselblad, email Jeroen at

Got any questions about Hasselblads or shooting medium-format film? Leave a comment below! 

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  • Danny St

    Holy Christ, that’s my dream camera.

    • Eric Kim

      Get it Danny!!! :)

  • Gazonthestreet

    I used to use a Hasselblad many years ago professionally. It was (and still is) a superb camera very well built and optically with its Carl Zeiss lenses out of this world!

  • James Taylor

    I have recently started to use my Mamiya 645 medium format camera for street photography and I love it.  

    The look, feel, sound, quality are all positives and the size of the negatives are a lot easier to work with.  Higher resolution too!

  • Matteï Batruch

    Cool intro video, really enjoyed it. Keep up the MF love!

  • Tobias Weisserth

    Pretty cool video, thanks for sharing. Also thanks to Jeroen for letting you do this in his home.

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  • JJ

    Where is the portrait posted that he took of you? Would be interested in seeing it.

    • Eric Kim
      • Alberto Feltrin

        I can’t find it, can you please link it? thanks! very instructive video btw!

  • rayban

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  • marc

    Ed van der elsken ….i hope you looked at that book erik !