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  • Martin

    Maybe the best liveview monitor you can get although a bit difficult with those reflections on it depending on the direction you’re holding it.
    Martin (

  • Charlie

    Dude, the cover for the video as a photo looks sick!

  • Fan

    Brilliant work! Now I can save money and not buy an M9 or MP and can go straight to the new iPad.

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  • Gazonthestreet

    Enjoyed watching you have fun on the street with the iPad Eric. The last 5 minutes or so were the best with your reflections on street photography

  • DimaK

    The cover photo is not bad at all!

  • Dave

    did you upload the pictures somewhere?

  • Will

    It’s funny, I moved from Sydney 3 months ago to Japan, I shot and developed nearly all my street photography there, watching this video for me was more about seeing all the places i’ve left behind though i’m loving it here in Tokyo.

    So funny seeing you walk around, I worked about a 5 – 10 min walk from most of your shots, I have a lot from all around there but never with an iPad, I kept looking to see if I recognised anyone.

    And I always loved something about the bus shots in Sydney, I have countless shots like your cover photo because you always got such a snapshot of life there, maybe that’s just Sydney. I miss it!

  • Stephen Nesbitt

    It’s good to see people were generally “OK” with you shooting. It’s a mixed bag, especially at night time around Sydney, so I am glad you got some shots safely. Another vid like this with other equipment would be great. You have a really good attitude when shooting. Thanks for sharing this.

  • georg


  • Jimmy Gunawan

    I actually experienced something similar, but dude Eric, you are like way nuts taking photos of strangers “in your face”.