“The Surrealist Manifesto”: Decoding the Composition and Surrealism of Henri Cartier-Bresson by Adam Marelli

by Eric Kim on April 24, 2012

1x1.trans The Surrealist Manifesto: Decoding the Composition and Surrealism of Henri Cartier Bresson by Adam Marelli

(Above image: Henri Cartier-Bresson, Naples, 1960)

Adam Marelli, a photographer based in NYC (also doing a street photography workshop with me in NYC [register intent] and Calcutta India [register intent]) recently wrote up an incredible series on composition, surrealism based on the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson. Make sure to bookmark all the pages below (they are very thorough and intense) and read them when you have some time on your hands!

  • Rob LaRosa

    I’ve read Adam’s “Surrealist Manifesto” series about 5 times. It’s the best blog series that I’ve ever read on photography.

    Here’s what he has to say about the missing part IV. (Taken verbatim from a comment he answered in part V)

    “In the original idea, there were 6 parts. I was going to do (2) parts at a time.
    But after writing Part I (which covered topics 1 & 2) I realized they should be done one at a time.

    Part II should really be called Part III and so on. I corrected the order on this one without fixing the earlier entries. “

  • Kwelch0071

    It’s yet to change the way I shoot, but it helps me keep an open mind to other mediums that will help me better see the world in my own perspective.

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