Unboxing and Review of the Ricoh GR1s Film Point-and-Shoot for Street Photography

Just got a new minty Ricoh GR1s film P&S camera in the mail from Bellamy Hunt (Japan Camera Hunter). Unfortunately the LCD screen got a bit damaged en-route from Tokyo to Australia. Bellamy is getting it fixed for me now!

If you want to find out more about the Ricoh GR-series, check out this Ricoh buyer’s guide by Bellamy.

Thanks to Misho Baranovic for recording!

If you need a film Leica, lens, Ricoh, or whatever camera or lens from Tokyo, contact Bellamy Hunt at hunts.of.tokyo@gmail.com

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  • F’KIMG

    Nice Eric !

    ***** FILM *****

    I completely understand, Im 95%+PLUS all film now myself. Only thing keeping me “sensor-d” is a X100. Not knocking the X100, I just don’t use it much after I went back to using/developing/scanning film.

  • Guest

    10 Tips on How to Cure Yourself of GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)
    by ERIC KIM on MARCH 4, 2012

  • Andrey

    Harsh backlight – nothing visible.

  • http://www.eriklaurikulo.se/ Erik Lauri Kulo

    Congratulations on your GR1s, one of the nicest P&S cameras ever made. The more I use my Canon 5D MkII (in work mostly) the more I want a small compact camera for shooting outside of work. But sadly you’re so limited by e.g. the Canon S95’s small sensor, which is sad since that is a great camera otherwise – and SMALL!

  • Isoterica

    Eric, tell me you didn’t get rid of your grandfather’s Contax IIIa??!! You didn’t mention it in your list.

    • http://erickimphotography.com/blog Eric Kim

      Of course still have it! :)

  • Seanmarclee

    welcome to the darkside! (or lightside). i’ve been happily using my gr1 since 2007. I strangely found one used for $100 in LA! with a broken LCD -had it repaired for $82 at Criscam in Arizona, and then while I was in Tokyo in 2008, had it break on me again when it turned on in my bag compressing the front lens! Of course, since I was in Tokyo, I walked right into the Ginza Ricoh Repair shop, new lens and updated button (from gr1v) for another $100….

    still my favorite compact film camera. I’ve had prints drum scanned and blown up to 34×57 and it’s amazingly sharp!


  • Zhemin

    Just picked up a GR1V (Black) from the market for 1.80 AUD ;’D
    Near Mint!!, Other then the Top LCD and displays in the viewfinder are doing the usual

    But hey, my GR1s (Silver) Cost me 200x$1.80 ;’D

    NExt up GR21 for $1.85!!!

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