Street Photography POV Video with Markus Hartel on a Rainy Day in New York City

Street photographer Markus Hartel recently rigged a Kodak Playtouch HD camcorder on his Leica M9 with a straight flash bracket and an additional camera hot shoe mount and recorded some footage of him shooting in the rain in New York City on his 28mm Elmarit. To keep his camera dry, he would hold his camera upside down or put it inside his jacket to keep it dry.

Markus is also holding special 1:1 Street Photography Tours in NYC. Check them out here.

Markus Hartel with his M9 and rig!

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  • Dacoit

    The POV videos are among the best things you post on this blog, as they show us different approaches and choices of subject matter. Keep them coming.

    • Eric Kim

      For sure- I enjoy them very much! Great seeing Markus in action too

  • Phillip

    Well, i don`t know if i like it. probably you will all disagree, but i don`t see the point of shooting like a machine gun. 99,9% of the pictures suck. He doesn`t even think about the pictures. He doesn`t wait for the right moment. He shoots and shoots. I`ve seen a few pictures that if he waited half a second would be much better. Heavy finger…

    • Eric Kim

      I would actually say I like the moments that Markus captures as well as his compositions. Also note that this video is edited – which doesn’t show you the whole picture! And sometimes we gotta shoot a lot to even get a few keepers. That is the positive of digital- you don’t really lose out on anything by shooting more.

      Like Charlie Kirk says- ‘when in doubt, click!’

      • Roman Tripler

        no photo has the quality i usually know from markus.
        and i prefer: ‘when in doubt, leave.’

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  • gumanow

    Nice to see you in the elements. :-)

  • Steven

    i like the POV but i have to agree with Phillip that his shots are taken without consideration (in my opinion). i dont think they are all bad but if he took more time they would all be much better whether it be the framing, content, etc.

    big ups to him for taking the time to show us how he shoots though.

    • Eric Kim

      I think the point of the video was just to see him shooting in action- and how he approaches his subjects and how he sees potential shooting opportunities.

      And once again, it is very rare that you make a good shot – and that’s why so much of street photography is editing your shots (to only your best). But for an educational purpose, I’m sure Markus showed all his shots (even his so-so shots).

      Thanks for the feedback Steven!

  • Attila Acs

    Thanks for posting this! Very interesting and I’ll have to check out the rest of your site now.

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  • Andrey

    Oh my God! He doesn’t thanks people for shooting! :)

  • Henning Nilsen

    This really didn’t do him any justice. I’ve seen his work and this just isn’t of his usual caliber.

    I’m guessing he kept the photos for the sake of the video, but the only keepers I saw were the couple in the escalator and the woman(?) with her coat over her head.

    I also saw potential great photos that were missed, either because he didn’t have the guts or because his rig made it an unviable angle. I don’t know.

    • Eric Kim

      Definitely shooting with a rig like that is a pain in the ass!

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