FREE Giveaway! Win a Custom SLR Glidestrap + C-Loop!

*4-2-12 Update: We have randomly chose a winner, and it was Julien Rath! His winning comment was below. Stay tuned for the next free giveaway! :)

The good folks at Custom SLR (one of my site sponsors) has generously provided a Custom SLR Glidestrap + C-Loop ($64.95 value) for a give-away on the blog! You can have the chance to either win this great strap which is perfect for street photography- especially on your DSLR, Leica, or rangefinder camera. It takes a ton of strain off your neck- while letting your camera hang to the side – perfect for getting ready for “the decisive moment”. You can see a sample video of it in action here.

To enter this giveaway, all you need to do is:

Share your tip on how to re-inspire yourself in street photography when you are feeling uninspired (in 7 words or less)

There are three ways to enter (the more ways you enter, the more chances to win!):

  1. “Like” me on Facebook and share your tip on my wall!
  2. Tweet your response, and include the following text anywhere in the tweet:
  3. Leave a comment below!

This contest will end Friday, March 30th, 2012. We’ll randomly pick a winner and announce it on the blog!

*Credit to PetaPixel for the contest idea! 

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  • Henning Wüst

    My answer: I open my eyes!

  • Cesar Gonzalez

    When I’m feeling uninspired to get out and go shooting I like to look at my work and the work of my photographers’ and tell myself I too can produce great photographs like them.

  • Oliver.

    visit somewhere new.

  • Blake Sommers

    Be more confident with strangers! :)

  • Kenny Van Pelt

    get out, get close, shoot more

  • Micha

    Google the Web & do it better!

  • julie smith

    pick a new area of your city or neighborhood and explore

  • Ryne Martin

    I watch an Eric Kim workshop video and read cartier-bresson quotes. Works every time.

  • Silent89

    Kill time before time kills you!

  • Frederic Streminki

    Learn from the masters :)

  • Gustmv

    Walk, Walk and walk

  • akhilsasidharan

    “Wake up to life.”

  • Jared

    “Put the camera down, and look around.”

  • Jarod Luebbert

    No one has ever picked up a camera and started taking great photos without hours and hours of practice. I just think about how every great photographer that inspires me has had to practice to get where they are.

  • rymndhng

    Take a look at the greats!

  • Jonas Germann

    Keep it simple!

  • Cody Swanson

    I visit a new place.

  • Graham shackleton

    Take your camera for a coffee.

  • Anthony DeLorenzo

    Stop over-thinking it. Just press the shutter.

  • ed subijano

    Don’t just look … learn to see and feel.

  • Bri Hammond

    “Life will give you pictures.” -Henri Cartier Bresson

  • ChaoHung Lim

    take a break

  • ChaoHung Lim

    take a break, then move on.

  • archer

    I watch your videos.

  • Clint Ashlock

    Look for beauty in all things.

  • Luis Marcelo Zanlucki

    “Inspiration is out there, take a walk and you’ll find it.”

  • AlexCoghe

    I experience a new technique.

  • Nicholas Ng Chun Ming

    lets do something crazy…

  • Duckshots

    I have a black ranger that is a pain in the shoulder to work. It attaches upside down, doesn’t work with my manfrotto vertical bracket, and I have to take it off to use it with my induro.

  • Drew C. Chua

    hallo :D

  • Sonja Kautzman

    I make myself stay in room for at least 20 minutes and take as many photos as I can to force myself to see differently.


    Screw what people think and just shoot!

  • James_alexanderburke

    Photographic life, just capture whats new today!

  • John Fisher

    i have always wanted these

  • Bhavin36

    Shoot shoot talk talk shoot talk shoot !!!!

  • Images of Parra

    Stop and observe for 10 minutes.

  • Rmcr

    Buy a cheap Olympus Trip 35 and a roll of film. No histogram, no rear LCD screen, just you and the streets.

  • Shang

    Enjoy the process, don’t focus on results

  • Rayner Seah

    go grab some booze and chill

  • Matt Novak-Zarate

    Go back to California.

  • Tyler Bedgood

    I recommend meditating on your shoot technique for that time at least 20 minutes or so before you go out. Also try to incorporate meta-stratigies. Ex. Playing a Henri Cartier-Bresson video in one ear while you are listening and out shooting with the other!

  • Scottalanphoto

    Set a goal such as shoot only people wearing hats, or something else that is specific.

  • arkcure

    open a book

  • Blue_J_57

    Be the master of your tools… don’t let them be the master of you.

  • JJFotography

    Pick a project, then go shoot :)

  • Julien Rath

    Change your daily routine and habits.

  • Сергей Рак

    quit your job

  • Tapio

    Take your best friend and go for a walk. Remember to take your camera with you.

  • Mattias Handley

    Stop, turn around, shoot. Rinse and repeat

  • Andy

    I take a break

  • Thomaswilden

    just stroll down different streets

  • Javier Prieto シ

    Be kind, be one of them, be prepared, and just shoot when you feel like it.

  • Dirk Essl

    I leave my camera at home and snap away wit the iphone, next time with my real camera feels so good!

  • Enrico Zuccherin

    I use a different point of view!!!

  • Dtbfoto

    Pretent you’re a tourist in your own town.

  • Ilparm

    Shoot a naked woman.

  • Fabr

    I’ll slow down and let things happen.

  • Sidney Dizon

    Watch/read/see articles of you fave photographers.

  • OmarSaid

    Go out without your camera and trust in Murphy’s law. You’ll see a lot of chances slip away… then pick up your camera again. (

  • Brett Higham

    Shoot with my best friend Johnie Walker. #streettogs

  • Peter Levi

    Shoot something different until the streets call.

  • Seth

    Drug dealers. Scary. Take pictures of them.

  • Iain

    Take more photos. Then, take more photos!

  • Lllarsen8

    Take a walk with my Fuji. It is so frustrating that makes me question everything.

  • Mike O’Sullivan

    View books. Get jelous. Realise you’re better.

  • Jonker Burger

    Read a great book on street photography

  • scatteringlights

    Don’t just look; engage with your surroundings.

  • Scott I.

    Shoot from the hip. Don’t look at your results until you get home

  • Dave!

    Book a date in the future, make it stick, and when the time comes, use it. Don’t let anything get in the way.

  • Blake E.

    I ponder the purpose of images.

  • Evan Fenner

    To get inspired, just go outside.

  • Keagan Oka

    look at varied art forms.

  • Enis Leblebici

    Cool down, sit and wait.

  • George Smyth

    Become invisible and capture the light.

  • Mark Shannon

    Find a new style and explore it.

  • Jack Sossman

    Flip to a random page in a book, get a word, and then try to find the essence of that word out on the street that day.

  • Jeff Rottman

    Just what I need for my urban photo treks!

  • islandlight

    Go out! Go someplace new.

  • QB

    shoot a roll of film with one lens

  • Geno

    Go for a walk at sunrise / sunset.

  • Adrian Hodge

    An attitude of gratitude and a camera.

  • Tuan

    think about your happiest memory of Street photography

  • A Latorre904

    Oooohhhhhh!!!!!!! Glidestrap!!

  • Arn

    Make the limitations your advantage. Just shoot.

  • Matthew

    Don’t think. Just shoot.

  • Stewart Reid

    Just get out and take photos!

  • Wysoki Niski

    I’m trying to change somethig

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