Insights from Street Photographer Martin Parr on Google+ Hangout

In this Google+ Hangout video, Magnum Photographer Martin Parr talks to Aaron Schuman, photographer and curator about his own personal work, capturing the uniqueness of boring objects, how to take non-cliched photos, and his general insight about photography. You must check this video out, probably the best 18 minutes you will spend all day! :)

One of my favorite quotes from the video was when someone asked him what one phrase of advice he would give aspiring photographers (14:18 mins in):

Find the extraordinary in the ordinary” – Martin Parr

See more interesting insights over at Martin Parr’s blog and check out his book, “Common Sense” (which is mentioned in the video).

Which quotes from Martin did you find most inspirational? Share them in the comments below!

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  • Wilfredo

    I really do think that this holds true no matter what camera, lens, or equipment you use.
    “It’s the quality of the connection that determines how good your photographs are.”

  • Trevor

    “no sorry that was my picture I just took.” nice!

  • Hogberg Daniel

    Its so sad we dont have Garry Winogrand with us today.. He is the most inspiring photographer I have ever found since I started taking pictures somewhat 12 years ago..

  • Andrew Bowness

    Inspiring stuff, thanks a lot for posting it Eric.

  • Safuan Shahril

    “You need to take bad pictures to get the good one!” :)

  • gerardpmason

    Martin always has something to insightful to say. One of the photographers that I have total respect for, not only in his work but also his vision of photography and life in general.

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