Mini Review of the Fujifilm X-Pro 1 by Mijonju

My good friend Mijonju from Tokyo recently got his hands on the new Fujifilm X-Pro 1 in Tokyo and made this little mini-review on it. Hope you find it entertaining and helpful!

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More info:

X mount to M mount adapter…

All the specs

What do you think about the new X-Pro 1 for those of you guys who have shot with it? Worth the hype or not? Share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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  • David

    I love my X-Pro1, lots of test shots and reviews on including long exposure works.

    • Eric Kim

      Thanks for the info David!

  • pholux

    I took a few shots with it. It’s a nice camera with good lenses and a very good image quality. The AF is not fast enough, I think. But most important, for me it’s not worth the price! It may be better than my Leica M8 but its about 2200 Euro for a Fuji?? Maybe we can get friends when price drops down to about 1500 for the one-lens-kit. Keep on staying with my lovely M and filling my new Website with more pictures

  • Ben

    I’m excited to get my hands on it but it seems like Fuji love to release controversial cameras. I’m not sure why there’s such a limitation on the AF but I was wondering if it is really necessary to have Olympus M4/3 speed on this camera. For street photography, it seems like zone focusing is the way to go so I don’t see why AF is even in the discussion. I guess if you’re looking for extreme candid shots where the time from camera to side and the time the picture is taken is less than 1 second, then this isn’t the camera for you. Does the X-Pro1 appeal to you at all Eric?

    • Eric Kim

      I would definitely zone focus with this camera, and the 28mm equivalent on the lens seems solid. Realized the camera is a bit pricy though – but still cheaper than the M9! I need to get my hands on one soon and really try it out!

  • photo booth rental

    This video is really entertaining!

  • Steven

    digitalrev also released a review and m9 comparison vid if you wanna watch kai be silly :)

  • Brian Day


    Bought my X-Pro1 from Bellamy Hunt (thanks for the tip!), and I’m really enjoying it, along with the 35mm f/1.4. I also still have my x100, which I’ve had since last March. It’s certainly quirky, but just like the x100, when you get the shot right, it’s kinda amazing. I’m not impressed with the AF, which is definitely improved over the x100, but still isn’t what I thought it would be. Zone focusing is much more challenging with the 35mm lens (even at f/11 and above) than it is on the wider 23mm focal length of the x100, but that’s to be expected. I’m really happy to have usable MF (as the dude in the video says, MF on the x100 was simply unacceptable). I’ve found myself using the EVF a lot more than I did on the x100 (which was pretty much never) because of the practicality of MF, but the EVF is only average in my opinion. Now, as for the stuff that’s all good about it, the image quality is insanely good, even at ISO 3200, and still excellent at 6400. The hype about the newfangled sensor is legit; it handles noise and moire nicely. I love the button layout, and the 1/3 stop increments on the aperture settings (as well as being able to choose incremental shutter speeds using the rear dial in full manual mode).

    Oh, and to your comment about the camera feeling “light” and “cheap”; it’s certainly lighter than your M9 and my FF DSLR, but with the battery and lens inserted and walking around town with it for 5+ hours, I’d argue that the weight is just right.

    I bought the camera because of it’s image quality combined with it’s more discreet profile than my DSLR, and I plan to use it for some photojournalism projects I’m working on. If the conversation is solely about which camera is better for street photography between the X-Pro1 and the x100, it’s still too early to say. But the benefits of the near silent leaf shutter on the x100 are vast and difficult to quantify once you master its quirks. It’s too early for me to pass a final judgment on the X-Pro1, but I’ve shot a lot with it the last week or so, and I’ve been very happy with the shots. It hasn’t frustrated me nearly as much as the x100 did for the first few weeks, which is a good sign. :)

    • Eric Kim

      Thanks for the comment Brian- definitely gotta play with it next time I’m in Detroit (which is in about a week!) Will hit you up bro :)

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  • Bradmol

    Well i have been reading a lot of reviews on the X-Pro 1. I am hearing a lot of positive things that make me want to go out and buy. Kind of the same as what happened last year when i read up on the x100. But after i got it, i must say i was a little disappointed. Very slow start up, focus and write speeds. Nice photos if you were lucky enough to still catch the shot after the start up time and slow focusing. Many shots were missed because of this and i found myself reaching for the GH2 more often as it is a hell of a lot more fun to use. Now if i go out and spend several thousands on this kit, will i be disappointed as well? I am still hearing slow focus, slow write speeds and crappy manual focus. Shall i take another chance on Fuji. Because this time the disappointment with be more than double in cost.

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