AnalogRev in Hong Kong with Kaiman Wong!

I had the huge pleasure of meeting up with Kaiman Wong from Digital Rev TV a few days ago- and filming this video! It was great to finally meet Kai in person (he’s really that hilarious!) as well as the video genius Lok and the lovely Alamby who helped coordinate everything. I was shooting with my Leica M6, and Kai with his Leica M2 and 15mm Voightlander lens (super wide!).

Some people on YouTube wrote some responses regarding arranging photographs for my shots. I thought it was a legitimate question and here is my answer:

Generally I don’t ask for permission when shooting, but typically after shooting my first photograph without permission – I enjoy chatting with my subjects and getting them to pose for me. Of course once they start posing and get directed by me, it is no longer candid and thus not proper “street photography”. However in the end – I like interacting with my subjects and I feel that it is able to help me build rapport and good will. I am not so interested in only taking all of my photos without permission- as I do ask for permission at times for my shots as well.

Hopefully the video will be good to those who are uncomfortable shooting street photography, and afraid of the reactions of others. I very rarely have any issues shooting in the street, and I try to show how I interact with my subjects in the video.

In the end I am not so interested in defining what street photography is or isn’t– but creating messages and meaning through my photographs– that make statements about society. I discuss this at length at a previous post titled, “What’s Important in Street Photography?

Anyways hope you guys enjoyed the video and will keep you updated with more stuff from Hong Kong soon!

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  1. Isoterica says

    Very cool! It looks like you guys had a riot and those costumes, how corny! 80s should have been that Duran Duran or Flock of Seagulls look Eric– pirate haha. Also on the more serious side, the interaction with your subjects just keeps getting better and better. I have found that the experience of meeting the people is often more exciting than taking a photo.. but together.. bam. Thanks for sharing this — In the end I am not so interested in defining what street photography is or isn’t– but creating messages and meaning through my photographs–”

    • isoterica says

      Just adding that I can’t believe the level of ranting some people are doing on that youtube page. As my mother would have said, there are people starving in ‘wherever’, seriously it’s all rather petty and unimportant.

  2. says

    Very informative video, I am sure it also helpful for those who in the process of learning to overcome their fear shooting strangers in public places. Lots of haters in the comments on the Youtube. Eric, please don’t take their harsh reaction personally. The don’t understand yet, normal reaction from the crowd upon something is unconventional, your method of utilizing flash and direct approach. Like you said, “Shoot who you are.”

  3. cw1010101 says

    Eric, your attitude towards street photography is great. Forget what those youtube commenters are saying. Many are naturally digitalrev fans (I’m one of them too) so they are used to Kai’s style and root for him. But your photos are just as good..I think its great seeing how the two of you see view the street differently. Keep up the great work!

  4. John Kim says

    You guys look like brothers! I enjoyed the video, so much fun!
    People are very nice & friendly, too!

    Yeah, buy more films not mega pixels! :P

  5. Ben Miller says

    I’ve been following your site as well as Kai’s for awhile. It was wonderful to see you guys together! I’ve recently been shooting my M6 and have enjoyed viewing your posts. Keep up the good work.

  6. Nick says

    Hi Eric, technical comments…
    The videos (including your previous videos) are often lagging…quite a lot. I play YouTube smoothly, just not videos on your site unfortunately. And among one of those lagged frame on your face, you looked exactly like… Tobey Maguire when he’s playing Spiderman series. (take it as a compliment!) xD

    Aside from that – love this video. I finally see how you’re interacting with strangers on the street. Keep up the good work!

  7. Jörg Kassühlke says

    Hi Eric,

    very cool video. Please can you tell me: is it a M6 classic or TTL? And: is it a Summicron 35 asph.?

    Thank you and all the best!

  8. says

    It was interesting to see the differences between your more aggressive street photography then Kai’s more laid back attitude.
    When i saw your “peace sign’ it reminded me of all the Korea photos I have seen in the last few years and how it seems almost obligatory that the subject of the photo use that gesture….


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