Beverly Hills Street Photography POV Video with Leica M6 and GoPro

I have recently been working on a project in Beverly Hills that explores the following themes: wealth, disparity, happiness, image, and gloom. In my last POV video in Downtown LA many of you asked me to edit in the shots, and I did! Note that not every shot is fantastic- but wanted to include the shots as an educational tool to help you better understand how to approach, frame, and capture your subjects.

I am currently shooting with a film Leica M6 and Kodak Portra 400 film. The video was recorded with a GoPro Hero HD 960 video camera.

Featured in the video: Medhi Bouqua. See my past feature with him on the blog here.

What do you think about this video? Let me know how you would like me to change/edit my future videos in the comments below! 

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  • manni

    It gives a real life insight to framing on street… which is pretty cool. Your ability to talk to the subjects is a bonus for you :)


  • Abtin Eshraghi

    Did you get a kiss from the lady with the fur coat?

    • Eric Kim

      Yes I did! :)

  • Jim Mooney

    This video was really great. I don’t do much street at this point but I learned a lot from the video since you included the shot itself. From the video I couldn’t see the compositions but seeing the shots too, I totally got it. You’ve got an awesome eye and a great rapport with your subjects.

    BTW that Veyron was Fugly. The maroon ones are much nicer…

  • Esquissewei@photographie

    The people you shoot on the street aren’t asking for copyright or things like that? Because in my country France it’s forbidden.

    • Guest

      It’s not taking the pictures that is the issue, but publishing it without their consent. There are some countries where it is illegal to publish a picture of someone* (at least when they are the main subject of the photo) without their consent unless you can prove that it is “newsworthy” or somehow in the public’s interest that the photo is published.

      *I’m not talking about commercial use where you would need a model release, but any means of making it publicly available. Put to the extreme this would include putting a photo on Facebook, Flickr etc.

    • Guest

      Il n’est absolument pas interdit de prendre des photos d’inconnus dans la rue en France, ça ne l’a jamais été d’ailleurs. Evitez de répandre de fausses idées.

      Je vous conseille de lire le lien suivant:

      Ensuite, ce doit être une erreur de traduction de votre part, mais on ne demande évidemment pas le ‘copyright’ d’une photo. C’est la traduction du ‘droit d’auteur’, qui appartient comme son nom l’indique à l’auteur et donc absolument pas aux sujets. Ce que les personnes peuvent éventuellement c’est demander que l’on respecte leur droit à l’image mais la encore, lisez le lien plus haut.

  • Erik

    Nice to see the shots included in the video. Normally when you shoot these videos it’s hard to get a feel for the shots as the GoPro is so wide. I really like the shot with lady arranging the jewelry. The combination of her and the guy standing outside directing her gave a nice moment of everyday life I think.

  • sean

    very nice video! i always thought you were framing as it shows with GoPro which really didnt make any sense to
    Man i wish i can be so opened and honest like you when i shoot. I am more on sneaky side. Maybe i am not really good with social skills..just needs more practice i guess

  • Bobdilin

    Great video ! It’s nice to see the results. I think many are great.

  • Luisa

    I wish people in Madrid were half nice as people in your video are! Every time I do a tour shooting in the streets I find at least one or two people who complain, run after me and pretend to delete the picture. And I assure you that my style is not at all Gilden’s!

  • Dacoit

    More videos, please!

    Not all of us can get to a workshop, and it is great to see how other photogs operate. Your style contrasts, for example, with those street photographers (Thomas Leuthard comes to mind) who say, “Never, never make eye contact” with your subject….

    • Eric Kim

      Got it chief! :)

  • Jim Donahue

    What time of day did you do this. Street looks kinda empty.

  • YoYo

    Best video of your’s that I’ve ever seen. Nice job. You didn’t resort to any of your fake compliments and that was refreshing.

  • Ojmarch

    I would be interested to hear your thoughts on directing people on the street. Keeps the videos coming, good stuff.

  • Paul Pomeroy

    Thanks for sharing. As these are mostly strangers that you are shooting images of in this and so much of your work, how do you warm them up enough so that they allow you to photograph them?

  • Jeremy Lee

    Nice and informative video, thanks Eric! So, that’s how the Kodak Potra 400 looks like it, I should give it a try too. I have question, do you usually smile at the person who caught you in the act while you taking their picture? For example like the in the 4:59? Or you simply just pretend that you took picture the object behind them?

  • Tobias Weisserth

    Eric, I enjoyed the video. Thanks for posting it. I especially liked that you embedded the scanned shots as I was frequently surprised by the wide angle of the GoPro (man, that is a wide angle) when comparing to the displayed scene to the actual frame.

    Portra is a wonderful color film, I use it too, but I actually like Ektar better, although it’s a slow film. Which brings me to the next question: at what ISO meter setting do you expose the film in your M6? I’m assuming you’re probably setting it to something like ISO1600? In case that’s true, do you actually inform the lab about that so they push process or do you just have them process and they get back alright? Both works I’ve read on multiple locations on the net, so I’m curious how you handle it.

  • Top Retouch

    the best video :)) i love it really

  • Kindias

    How did plug the Go Pro into M6? What kind of adapter did use? Great job

  • Bernd Markgraf

    unfortunately I can’t watch the video. youtube block it for folks in germany (because it MAY contain music for which the respective rights have not been granted by that stupid german copyright organisation) :-(

  • Naptunian

    WMG blocked the video :(

    • Eric Kim

      Sorry! Will get up a new version soon

  • adbigmilk

    Those color shots are great. Portra a great film. It’s nice to see you using film.

  • Simon Wallerstedt

    Awesome Eric! More videos like this would be great. Makes me want to try the Portra as well! :)

  • Shin

    Very nice with all the pictures included both good and less good ;) What lens did you use if you don’t mind me asking

  • Eric Kim

    This can be part of the irony of the project… interesting thought Nathan..

  • Guest

    You don’t have to be filthy rich to own a Leica. For a large percentage of the 99% it’s a matter of prioritising your hobby.

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