Feb Volume 1: The 13 Best Street Photographs From the Community

Street Photography

(Above photo by Robert Larson)

I know it has been a while since I featured street photography from the community – but here is the last batch of great shots I have noticed on Facebook! If you would like to get one of your shots featured in the future, make sure to upload them to my Facebook fan page! (I prefer using Facebook because it is easier to sort/look through all the photographs).

Some tips to get included in the next post:

  1. Don’t use watermarks on your photographs
  2. Don’t over-process your photographs
  3. Street portraits are great – but try to incorporate the subjects/backgrounds more
  4. Get good lighting. Try not to include shots that have been shot mid-day
  5. Crouch more. Get at least eye-to-eye level with your subjects
  6. Think about balance and composition. Don’t have your subjects too center-focused
  7. Don’t shoot people’s backs. Sometimes they work but typically they don’t
Keep reading to see the rest of the photographs!
Street Photography

AlexCanac Marquis

Street Photography

Carlos Huang

Street Photography

Matias Hyde

Street Photography

Rinzi Ruiz

Street Photography

Even Kvikstad

Street Photography

Ho Hum

Street Photography

Thomas Leuthard

Street Photography

Safuan Shahril

Street Photography

Joe Aguirre

Street Photography

Brian Sparks

Street Photography

Gai Shtienberg

Street Photography

Rene Etnevaneub

Whose photographs really stand out for you? Show them some love by leaving a comment below! Also remember to “Like” me on Facebook and upload your best work to get featured here next week too! 

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  • http://twitter.com/trevorsaylor Trevor S

    Love these. It’s always good to see you sharing the love, EK!

  • stef

    those are all great streetshot, the one of AlexCanac Marquis is my favorite.

  • Joe Aguirre84

    these are all amazing

  • Brian Flegel

    Joe Aguirre has an approach and style that is not luck based quick-studies, but rather fearless stares into moments.

  • Photoboy

    Joe Aguirre aka “thoughtlessHero” is dope! I’ve learned a lot for his images in such a short period. The other images are quality too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1398271041 Jon Garcia

    I really like AlexCanac Marquis shot. Makes me wonder why this musician is playing in a cramped ally but has a hat for money placed way out to the side of him. Very interesting.

  • Kyerion Printup

    All were lovely, but my favorite was Matis Hyde’s photography. Lately I’ve been into “layered” compositions, and his composition has several layers, which is complemented by the girl in the foreground looking at the camera. It reminds me of the manner in which Fellini filmed; sort of surreal feeling with people seemingly floating at different levels of the composition. It’s a very fun image. I also like the patterns and the use of harsh light in Joe Aguirre.

  • Anonymous

    Honored to be featured among such talent!

  • MatiasHyde

    Thank you so much, Eric. Always an honor and pleasure.

  • http://abtin-e.blogspot.com/ Abtin Eshraghi

    I really like the shot from Ho Hum… Is that his/her real name? Any links to more if their work?
    By the way. Is there anyway to submit if I’m not on facebook?

    • Hohumtog

      Thanks for the nice comment on my photo. I’ve got a few more up on flickr:


      • http://abtin-e.blogspot.com/ Abtin Eshraghi

        Yeah, I found you on flickr before you posted this. Added you as a contact.

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