Introducing Ollie Gapper as a Weekly Contributor to the Blog!

My casual self in NYC

After seeing Eric becoming ever more inundated with his workshop work, videos, Leica work and all the associated travel I decided to get in touch and say “Hey, how about I help out on a more regular basis?”. The result of the following email conversation? OG Thursdays. (My middle name is Mathew (with one ‘T’) but I thought “OMG Thursdays” may have been easily confused with one of the millions of Perez Hilton-style gossip blogs).

What is this all about?

Ill be submitting guest posts every Thursday on a plethora of subjects relating to lifestyle, documentary and of course street photography that I think you guys will enjoy reading. Photographers I have met, people I think you should know, projects I’m working on, experiences I’ve had, equipment I’ve used, you name it and I’ll endeavour to cover it one way or another.

I’m studying a BA (Bachelors) in Contemporary Photographic Practice at the University for the Creative Arts in South East Kent, UK, which – along with supplying me with vast spectrums of  information, inspiration and experience – also gives me access to lots and lots of rather lovely gear! A vague list for your delectation:

  • Mamiya RZ67 Pro ii (Just about every lens for it too)
  • Mamiya 7 ii + 80mm
  • Fuji GW690
  • Fuji GSW690
  • Bronica SQ-B (Again, just about every lens)
  • Canon 5D MKii (24 1.4, 35 1.4, 24-105, 50 1.4, 100 2.8, 70-200 2.8)
  • Nikon FM2
  • Wista 5×4 (and an incomprehensible number of lenses)
  • Horseman 5×4 (same as above)
  • Bron Color light packs, Pocket Wizards, etc

The idea is that you guys put in a request for the gear you want to see reviewed (Ill let Eric handle the Leica stuff..for now) and I’ll get the gear, buy some film and I’ll write up as comprehensive a review as I can.

Im happy to answer any questions regarding my past work or current projects, take a look at and

Comment below for what gear you’d like to see reviewed or any topics you’d like to see me review/cover.

Contact Me (please!)

Email me:

Tweet me: @olliegapper

My work

Check out my work on a feature on Eric’s Blog here: “My Life and Story about Street Photography” by Ollie Gapper

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  • Erik

    Nice ‘folio, looking forward to what you might bring to this blog.

    • Ollie Gapper

      Thanks a lot, I have quite a few interesting artists Im going to be interviewing coming up!

  • Jerome

    I’d actually be more interested in articles about street photography, but perhaps that’s Eric’s speciality

    • Ollie Gapper

      Well I dont want to tread on Erics toes, but I will most definately be writing on lots of stuff, other than gear.

      I think I was misleading in this introduction, I come across as a bit gear obsessed, which I certainly am not.

      Anything in particular you had in mind?

      • Jared Krause

        I can’t speak for everyone here, but I love the articles about what’s currently going on in the street photography world. What people are doing… interviews, etc. Keeps a community aspect going.

        • Ollie Gapper

          Couldn’t agree more, my university is full of some incredible creatives who I’m very eager to interview, along with some people I have become acquainted with through Twitter, Flickr, etc.

          Thanks for all the feedback guys!

  • Gustavo Mondragon

    Ollie, how about talking about the benefits of shooting film, there are a lot of people out there that they have not shoot film, and a commento on this would be good. I think that if we start talking more about it we could help this surge in film photo that I am seeing out there. I did shoot film and left it aside for digital, it cost me mostly psicologically, a lot the change. I have always missed film and now I am using it again.

    • Ollie Gapper

      Love the idea, Ill put this as a high priority article :)

  • Carsten Fischer

    Hey Ollie, thx for your willingness to contribute ! ! I just saw your video (TTV), a pleasure indeed. Wish you well, looking forward to read / see more from you.

    • Ollie Gapper

      Ahh thanks a lot! Wow that quite a collection there, incredibly jealous!

  • Dan

    How about a fresh review about the M series. Maybe something like M3 vs M6 vs M7 vs MP?

    • Dan

      vs Leica film alternatives

      • Ollie Gapper

        I’d like to do a comparison between the MP and the M2 as fundamentally I cant see massive differences. Ill try and get in contact with Voigtlander etc to try and get some gear loaned :)

  • Anonymous

    Great to see you as a regular contributor now Ollie! Hey how about a review of the Voightlander Bessa III. I love medium format film and this folder is so much easier looking to carry than a box TLR.

    • Ollie Gapper

      Ahh well I’m putting a video review together of the Mamiya 7ii Pro, but I’ll see what I can do! :)

      • Anonymous

        Okay well that is medium to start so will do for now ;) Still love the folder look/feel.

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  • Ghill77

    Hey! look forward to reading your Thursday post. Now my Thurs. won’t seem so ho hum. :)

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