Interview with Magnum Photographer Alex Majoli

When I was at the Leica + Magnum event in Paris a few months back, I had the huge pleasure of interviewing incredibly talented (and humble) photographer Alex Majoli. Part of the highly respected Magnum agency, he has traveled the world and shot a wide gamut of images. This ranges from his personal work of documenting the closing of an asylum in Leros, Greece to various conflicts in Afghanistan and the invasion of Iraq.

I interviewed Alex alongside Bart Goossens, a freelance journalist and photographer living in Antwerp.

You can play the insightful 27-minute interview here on my blog or download the 140mb file to listen.

Also make sure to check out Leica’s feature of Alex on their blog.

What did you find most insightful in this interview with Alex? Share your thoughts below!

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  • William Reeves

    SWEET! I love Alex’s work! I don’t have time to listen to this right now, but I can’t wait to hear it! He’s just freaking amazing…I mean, for those who want to talk about the importance of gear, he shot WARS with a point and shoot and won some of the most prestigious awards out there! He’s a freakin ninja man…

  • Tobias Weisserth

    Nice interview. I remember some of the work he did with those smallish Olympus cameras. That was impressive.

  • heidi dene

    very nice interview .breathtaking words and picture a well .

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  • Jorge Ledesma

    Eric, you rocked this interview, I highly enjoyed it, keep up the great work.

    • Eric Kim

      Huge thanks Jorge! Was very nervous to interview him (never interviewed someone with such a high profile) but he was a very down-to-earth and honest guy. Loved talking with him!

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