Two Cute Dogs – A Documentary

Charlie Kirk Two Cute Dogs Documentary

I am pleased to announce that Adrian Storey (aka Uchujin) has just put up the documentary of two cute dogs. Having met him in Paris for the Leica Magnum Event, I would say it captures his eclectic personality quite well. He is quite the character and an awesome guy to hang around with. He takes street photography very seriously, and has created some amazing photos in the last year or two he has been shooting. In addition to his love for street photography, he was one of the major contributors to the Japan Earthquake Charity Print Auction.

Regardless of all the controversy online shooting flash, you can see in the documentary how he is able to interact with his subjects and get personal with them. He isn’t sneaky with his photography, but does it openly and honestly. I also consider him one of my good friends and also a mentor–who has really pushed me to take my photography (and blog) much more seriously. Although he may come off as brash at times, he has a huge heart and is one of the most generous people I know.

And why is his name “two cute dogs”? Well he has two cute dogs.

Watch the documentary here.

Let us know what you think about the documentary in the comments below!

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  • Alex Crossland

    I liked the documentary. He seems like a funny guy and he must have amazing talent to do all of his photos in film. “I don’t respect people that shoot digital”, funniest line of the film. Thanks for sharing Eric!

  • Anonymous

    This was fun to watch. Charlie you really interact with the people and I like that a lot. Much better than getting in their faces and just flashing them [as dirty as that sounds] because you have conversations with many of them and they relax in front of you. Very nice.

  • Kenneth N

    Good film. Gave me a impression how Charlie is working on the street. Very honest, close to people, and often with a smile. It gives also a good impression of the local culture that seem very open minded against the camera. Makes me want to go to Japan to shoot SP. Other cultures would react differently or could be more reserved. Thanks for sharing this..!

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  • Elliottckhull

    Seems like a nice guy. My only questions: if he thinks a good images should not be “easy” why does he have others develop/process his film?

  • twocutedogs

    Thanks all. Elliot – I trust them and I’d rather spend time shooting than developing. When I talk about difficulty I am meaning at the taking stage, not the making stage. That said, given that the company I use has now put its prices up quite a lot, I will be developing myself more often going forward. Cheers.

  • Nate Lawson

    This was great! I also shoot film, as well as digital, and find that shooting film really takes me back to the roots of photography. It’s more pure somehow and I like that. If I’m ever in Japan I’d love to shoot with you! Thanks, Eric, for sharing this!

  • mike

    I’m glad he took part in this documentary, I used to think very differently about his mannerisms and his approach as a “Gaijin” shooting the Japanese people, and even his opinions on other people’s photography. But this video opened him up 3 dimensionally and showed that he actually IS pretty respectful and not egocentric as I assumed. I’m glad that has changed for me.

    As to him talking about the the people who don’t like him, and even him not liking certain styles. Everyone deserves to have a feelings and opinions about a photograph. But just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean it should automatically be thrown in the “garbage” section of the brain.
    I notice this often in the “old school” style street photographers, if it doesn’t look like their genre and format, then its automatically weak and inferior. But at the same time these modern film street photographers and just trying to make a career out of mimicking the original works of old masters.

    I shoot film, but kudos to you new schoolers shooting digital. You’re doing something new, beautiful, and skillful in your own right. But keep an opened mind towards Charlie’s work in the same right, maybe that’ll make him more open to your works. To each his own, but that doesn’t make someone else’s work bad.

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