Colorful and Humorous Street Photography in Istanbul by Ilker Gurer

Istanbul Street Photography

I was once a very shy person. Like every other photographer, I started off shooting animals and  concrete stuff. People were a bit too complicated and difficult for me to approach. So I concentrated on nature, the environment and buildings where I discovered technical aspects of the camera. However my dream was always to shoot social life and humans. When I took the camera to my hands for the first time, I realized that I needed to get closer to people. Over time I have become much more comfortable doing this. Nowadays when I approach people I do it with a smile on my face which makes them feel much more comfortable.

Istanbul Street Photography

I learned all of these lessons by shooting on the streets for about 7 years. Sure I still make mistakes, but I still like it. After all, sometimes you hesitate because you feel it isn’t the right time to take the photo. However there are still times where I don’t capture the decisive moment. I remind myself to take it easy. If I capture one special moment every year I am happy.

Istanbul Street Photography

I do most of my shooting in Istanbul which is incredibly fun for me. Istanbul is a growing city with a very high population, so there are many different kinds of people in the city. This gives me a variety of people to shoot and the flexibility to see things a bit differently.

Istanbul Street Photography

I always look for the details when I am out shooting. All of the pictures I take are unstaged, and I prefer to shoot them in color because it allows me to see happiness, irony, and maybe even humor. I dont shoot any images that put people in bad situations.


It is rare that I get negative responses from my subjects, as the way I approach my subjects is slow and I try to keep my feet planted as much as I can. I once had a scary moment in which I was shooting street vendors selling clothing near some ancient walls. I suddenly saw 3 male glue sniffers in their late 20’s. One approached me from behind and opened my bag. I turned around immediately and he gestured for me to give him my camera which was hanging on my neck. Not only that, but he showed a large military-sized knife. At that moment I tried to get away from that situation as I could. Frankly it was a very scary experience for myself.

Istanbul Street Photography

However besides that situation Istanbul is a fantastic city to shoot. I love the people, the colors, and the society around myself. I highly recommend anybody out there to travel and shoot some street photography here!

Street Photography in Istanbul by Ilker Gurer

Istanbul Street Photography

Istanbul Street Photography

Istanbul Street PhotographyIstanbul Street Photography

Istanbul Street Photography

Istanbul Street Photography



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  • Karolus Naga

    adorable images and most of all I love your thoughts … cant agree more!!

    • Ilker Gurer

      thank you very much:)

  • Dixon Hamby

    Nice work

  • Adrian Boliston

    I like the one with the multi coloured balloons, the dog showing its teeth, and the one showing just peoples legs under the big photos.

    • Ilker Gurer

      thanks, Dear Adrian!

  • Adrian Boliston

    I like the one with the multi coloured balloons, the dog showing its teeth, and the one showing just peoples legs under the big photos.

  • Bfjr

    Excellent and yes Fun work, here

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  • Ilker Gurer

    Thanks to everyone for their comments. appreciated.

  • yavuzselimk

    Sizi burdan keşfetmek ilginç oldu :)

    • Ilker Gurer

      merhabalar, istanbul da mı yasıyorsunuz?

  • Nicola Albon

    Lots of lovely, funny photos which show a love of humanity. I like the snarling dog and the pictures with people’s legs underneath. And I want to know what the man with the string of balloons is doing?

    • Ilker Gurer

      Hello Dear Nicola, the man with the baloons is a street vendor like- he has toy guns and rifles to give for his customers to shoot the balloons:) hope i explained well with my poor English.=) appreciated by your comments.

  • Erik Lauri Kulo

    Great photos, I do really like this.

    • Ilker Gurer

      Thanks very much Eric. appreciated.)

  • Kaushal

    Lovely images! Made me want to go back to Istanbul which is by the way my favourite city in the world. And an amazing city for street photography. I shot there with an old manual medium format camera and b&w film and i agree with you that the people are friendly and making shooting a pleasure. I will be following your blog for future images of Istanbul:)

    • Ilker Gurer

      Hello Dear Kaushal, I have been checking your street images from your web site, very interesting to see india from a talented eyes of yours,indeed not colorfull, whcih i like to see things in color, it s great to see with bw of india. Everyone fell into colors of india, you did not and you show much better that way it seems like to me!! very good works, thanks to comment as well. will keep in touch,


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  • Des Pajakoff

    I like the motorcycle in front of the huge poster with the palm.

  • Andrew

    I’ve wandered all over Istanbul, in the heat of summer and seen many characters, I didn’t have a camera at the time, I would be self conscious I think with a camera in a public place. I had not trouble at all as a foreigner in the city, in fact I have only praise for the people of Istanbul and there were a few instances where people went out of their way just to show me around or help me find my way. So I like to look at pictures of Istanbul to remind me of those long hot days, you have taken much better pictures than I could and they tell a story I can associate with being there and seeing these characters..

  • Commission Streamer

    pics are juts awesome
    beautiful work

    • Ilker Gurer

      Thank you very much for your time, appreciated


    Great stuff. I’m going to Istanbul next week and this really inspires me.

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