Download Thomas Leuthard’s (85mm) NEW Street Photography Book: “Collecting Souls: What Street Photography Means to Me” For FREE!

I am excited to announce that Thomas Leuthard (85mm) has just released his second book on street photography titled: “Collecting Souls: What Street Photography Means to Me“. This book is much more advanced than his previous book, and contains more of his personal thoughts and ideas when it comes to street photography. It includes more than 30 short chapters about street photography, and should help with your own story-telling and style.

As with Thomas’ other street photography book, it is totally FREE and available for download here.

If you haven’t checked out Thomas’ first book “Going Candid“, you can also download that here as well.

Show Thomas some love by leaving a comment below and telling him what you think about his book/generosity!

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  • John Kim

    Thanks again, Thomas! Since it is difficult for me to meet street photographer collegues in a small city, your book is a big help to me. :) Thanks for posting excellent materials, Eric! :D

  • Antony Pratap

    Thank you for sharing the download.

  • Hale78

    Thankyou for sharing you book. I’m loving it and can’t put it down

  • Hale78

    Thankyou for sharing you book. I’m loving it and can’t put it down

  • Roberta Frederick

    Thank you so much – I’ve learned so much reading your ebooks and am very grateful that you are sharing them.

  • Larry Monserate Piojo

    Ha! I just finished reading Thomas’ first book and decided to check on your blog… then I found this? hahaha. thanks Eric! And congratulations, Thomas!

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