16 Great Examples of Street Photography Without People by the Community

Street Photography Without People

Johnny Barrios

Hey streettogs, thanks to everyone who read this week’s post on how to shoot street photography without people and submitted their best images to my Facebook fan page! Congratulations to everyone who made the final cut next week. Tell us which photos you liked best, and stay tuned for our next assignment! Keep reading to see the rest of the best images of the week!

Street Photography Without People

Andre Kayser

Street Photography Without People

Baru A Dacasin

Street Photography Without People

Beverly Komatsu

Street Photography Without People

Carandol Eruaphadion

Street Photography Without People

Carla Drago

Street Photography Without People

Daniel Sawyer Schaefer

Street Photography Without People

Elizabeth Wang-Lee

Street Photography Without People

Forsythe Fotography

Street Photography Without People

Heimo Wenzel

Street Photography Without People

Jon Savage

Street Photography Without People

Kelvin Kwok

Street Photography Without People

Nicole Struppert

Street Photography Without People

Sascha Markus

Street Photography Without People

Tastino Photography

Street Photography Without People

Vincent Tandijo Saputro

Tell us which images are you favorite by leaving a comment below!

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  • http://mydarkroom.ca Raf

    Great shots. I was once criticized for posting a picture without people under the category of Street Photography. It was suggested to me that I should consider those shots “urban landscape” or “urban scenes”. I think that your post “5 Tips How to Shoot Street Photography Without People” illustrates very well how street photography does not necessarily need people on it.

  • http://twobirdstwobees.blogspot.com/ Carol

    I love the first one with the German Shepherd. The arm holding the leash makes it “human” but it’s just a humorous and interesting shot. The other one I like a lot is the doorway with the American flag in it. Such a beautiful record of a crumbling but beautiful old storefront – the juxtaposition of pride and decay makes it very interesting.
    Street photography to me is just that – photographing the streets. Sometimes they have people on them, sometimes not. I think the difference between urban landscape and street photography is basically scale.

    • http://www.erickimphotography.com Eric Kim

      Beautifully stated Carol :)

  • http://www.nicolestruppert.com nicole struppert

    I love the first shot with the German Shepard… This picture is amazing! Well done, Johnny ;)

  • http://benjaminfweaver.com Ben

    Sascha Marcus, and Beverly Komatsu.

  • http://www.fokkomuller.nl fomu

    Beautiful photos, but street photography? For me street includes people.

  • http://dannydelgadophotography.com/ Danny Delgado

    These are great photos! But I’m with Fokko on this one. Maybe we can call this type of photography “streetscapes” or “urbanscapes”?? Love shots of this nature. Even though there are no physical presences of humans, the stories these photos tell are as human as any others.

    • http://www.erickimphotography.com Eric Kim

      Great point Danny. Although I do believe street photography is often better with people– as long as the images remind us of our humanity, it feels like street photography to me. Thanks for the input! :)

  • Himadri

    Great shots. All of them are good. I liked Johnny Barrios and Carandol Eruaphadion a lot.

  • Maureen

    These are all great. Love the Taxi bokeh and the storefront flag is beautiful.

  • http://stevefoonphotography.blogspot.com SteveSFO

    Just really great stuff here. Tough to pick…. but Johnny’s just struck a chord with me.

  • Isoterica

    Some really nice photos here. Johnny Barrios’ dog shot is amazing. Vincent Saputro’s bike shot has that strong feel of ‘people’ without people too. I think the bike is waiting for the rider. Well done.

  • David Glasco

    Some of the best work I have seen in quite some time. The images these people have captured show some thought as to what they were pointing the camera at. Much of it tells us a story. Unlike many of the images I have seen lately, which are nothing more than a snap shot.
    Show us more work like this.

    • http://www.erickimphotography.com Eric Kim

      :) yessir!

  • Jon Savage

    I’m pretty partial to Vincent’s shot

  • http://Www.wanderinglulu.com Ewanglee

    Hi Eric: Thanks for Putting my photo on your short list of great photos. I like Barrios and Wenzel’s photos although my Hat is off to everyone here.

  • http://www.correctedcolors.com Thomas Fjordside

    I really like the last shot by Vincent Tandijo Saputro. Really great shot, it brings feelings to my mind.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/antismap/ antismap

    I especially like the last one, great textures and dark atmosphere !

    Besides that, Eric I would like to thank you for your website that taught me a lot, I’m into photography since not long and I don’t know why I waited so long to discover all this :)

  • http://justanothergirlwithacamera.blogspot.com/ Tiffany in Topeka

    I really like Vincent’s shot of the bicycle. I also like the Taxi shot with the bokeh. :)

  • http://adamsfuller.com Adam

    Favorites from this set were by Kelvin Kwok and Beverly Komatsu. Love how streets can express themselves so much without saying a word.

  • Li Baker

    Sascha Markus!

  • http://monoflop.blogspot.com/ heimo

    Really like the bird by Baru A Dacasin and the “Beach Zen Garden” by Jon S.

    but they are all very good and in the list for a reason…
    (and of course I’m happy to have mine up there as well ;)

    I think “street without people” can be as interesting as the other “street”. It’s just photography in the end. Boundaries are there to be broken :)

  • Rubén Arrieta


  • http://buenopower.com Arthur Bueno

    Daniel Sawyer Schaefer all the way. Great shot and mood!


  • http://vish4uall-reflectionsaround.blogspot.com/ Vishal


    Great Street pics. Loved most of them.

    Following are the links of my work.
    Would love to get feedback from you.




  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/boliston/ Adrian Boliston

    The first pic with the stencilled dogs is great (would look even better without the black “frame” line). The other shot with the dog tail and shampoo bottles is good (pity it’s smaller than the other shots).

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  • mepatri3

    The last one. Awesome.