The Ricoh GRIII: The Ultimate Compact Camera for Street Photography Review

The Ricoh GRIII Digital Compact

The Ricoh GRIII Digital Compact

Hey guys, you might have heard me doing all my raves for the Ricoh GRIII for street photography. I put together my thoughts and review over on The Phoblographer, and have put in some of my best images as well. Long story short, I highly recommend everyone to purchase one, as it can be a great primary street photography camera or back-up. Make sure to check out the review, and leave me any questions you may have below in the comments!

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  • Isoterica

    One review leads to another. Just a fyi if you didn’t know.

  • Taso

    This camera has caught my eye. Will an updated model be available soon?

  • Jason

    I don’t have the same issues as you when it comes to carrying around a DSLR. I love my DSLR and wouldn’t trade it for the world. But, given this camera’s abilities and price point its definitely on the top of my radar and a possible buy for a very nice point and shoot.

    Thanks for the review, Eric.

  • Stefan

    Thanks for the review, this wasn’t even on my list as a possible compact before.

  • monoflop

    I love Ricoh cameras.
    Best usability ever.
    Thinking of the x100 though ;)

  • 57Andrew

    Interesting but which of the photos could not have been taken with an LX5? or an X1? or a G9? (All of which I own).

  • Tobias W.

    The snap focus feature is not exclusive for the Ricoh.

    The S90/95 lets you focus using a “rangefinder” by turning the backside control dial, setting a focus distance for manual focus.

    The LX5 has an even more convenient way to lock the focus to a specific distance with a dedicated control button at the lens barrel.

    Also, in your review, it’s a misconception that Micro Four Thirds cameras are expensive (the E-PL1 has been below 400€ for months! The E-P2 can be bought online for 400€ now as a replacement model will be announced at the end of this month) or that most Micro Four Thirds cameras lack a flash (out of 5 currently available small Micro Four Thirds bodies, the 3 most recent models have a built-in flash).

    Other than that I have no doubt the Ricoh is a capable camera judging from your review and the images you took with it.

  • aaron yuen

    Can you do a review on Fujiflim Finepix X100 and do a comparison with the Ricoh GRIII. I couldn’t decide which one to get. Thee Ricoh GRIII has been out since 2009, will a newer model be available soon?

    • Vi

      Yep !!! A GR III vs Fuji X100 would be good to be able to decide… :-S

  • Brad

    Looks like an interesting camera for traveling light. And that’s a great review.

    But… And allow me to rant just a bit…

    *For me*, stealthiness and being inconspicuous are notions way oversold. I blend in by shooting in plain sight with my 5DII. Nobody cares size cam I’m carrying. There’s no need to sneak shots. People respond (or not) to your behavior, attitude and how you project; not camera size. And that’s even shooting in a particular San Francisco neighborhood most photographers stay out of.

    A large camera (again for me) is a plus and lets people know I’m on duty. I like that…

    • Adrian Boliston

      I kind of agree with Brad on the camera size thing, I have a D700 & 50/1.4g (about to get the 35/2d) and was toying with the idea of getting the X100 for street use, but I like the functionality of the D700 and like the ultra fast autofocus. I keep it slung on a Blackrapid RS7 strap so the cam hangs out of sight and I can raise the cam to my eye, take a pic and have the cam back down by my hip again in less than a second.

  • Vinh

    I’m a big fan of the GRD series, and I’ve owned a few over the last couple of years. First GRD2 I bought was DOA, so I sold that off for parts to get another one. I eventually sold my second GRD2 to get an Olympus E-P1, and I had regrets after shooting a dozen frames. I sold the Oly when I stumbled upon a mint GRD2, but I then sold that one when I was short on money. I’ve never really bought 3 of anything before. There’s just something about these cameras that Ricoh is getting right.

  • Laura Fitch

    I’ve no desire to give up my DSLR but I can’t manage carrying it everywhere I go and would like a small but useful camera for that very purpose. Something small and without a dozen accessories that I can stick in a small messenger bag/purse with all of my non-camera loot every day yet still takes great photos and allows for some degree of creative control. I’m wondering which would be better for impromptu and street photography (when I’m not purposely out shooting with my Canon 40D), the Ricoh GRD lll or the Olympus EP-3/EP-2. Any thoughts?

  • Mcsnai

    I’ve a problem with my new GRIII, when shooting in Manual and with auto-iso, it doesn’t change the iso value…isn’t it strange?

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  • Troy Holden

    I’ve been using the GRD3 for around 10 months now and love it. It goes with me everywhere.