A Great Present for a Street Photographer: USB Film Roll

Too damn sweet.

There is nobody harder to shop for than a street photographer. The only things they would probably want is a Leica M9 or an old-school Rolleiflex. If you ever want to please the street photographer in your life, lighten up your wallet and check out these unique USB Film rolls from Photojojo at $20 a pop. They even got some cool ideas what you can do with your old film canisters here. Anybody thinking about picking up some of these or trying to hack their own version at home? More photos included below. Oh yeah if anybody has some extra cash, I could definitely use one ;).

So what do you think about this novel idea? Leave a comment below!

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  • cindyyrellaa

    hahahah the photographer who took those product photos must have really loved the product itself. so many different shots and angles…

    i still like the lens mug!!

  • http://silentxpression.wordpress.com/ Simon Wallerstedt

    That’s awesome. But are they actual film rolls? I think they’re a bit too big to fit the USB-slot in my Macbook Pro (on a flat surface), maybe if the plug is slightly off center..

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/exi87 Jaap Barnhoorn

    Hahaha! That is so cool! I love that combination of old school and modern technology.
    The keychain is also pretty rad and easy to make yourself.

  • Isoterica

    Photojojo has a rather eclectic collection in their store. I got their Subjektive 4 in 1 lens recently. The next is a wide angle. I’ve been using my 50mm compact macro for street. As for the USB Film Roll.. it’s cute but not for all computers. My USB port is recessed. If it fits it will only barely do so. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea– the consumer should know what they need it for. These cute little items make photography even more fun.

  • http://www.facesoflondon.co.uk Marco

    This is ace! I want one!

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