12 Inspirational Examples of Street Photography Shot with Film

"Philadelphia 155"  - Michael Penn

"Philadelphia 155" - Michael Penn

Recently on my Facebook page and Twitter I asked for you to submit your best street photographs shot in film. Here are the best submissions I got–congrats to everybody who got their images included! Stay tuned for more weekly assignments, and read more to see the other inspirational images.

"Morbid Trilogy" - Carsten

"Morbid Trilogy" - Carsten

"The Life in Paris" - jack070

"The Life in Paris" - jack070

"Septembre à Montréal" - Marco Carbocci

"Septembre à Montréal" - Marco Carbocci

"Coffee shop cowboy" - Aaron RTS

"Coffee shop cowboy" - Aaron RTS

"Sat Night" - Bob Soltys

"Sat Night" - Bob Soltys

"Untitled" - Devin Jones

"Untitled" - Devin Jones

"49550024" - Thuy Ho

"49550024" - Thuy Ho

"Babushkas" - Anne McKinnell

"Babushkas" - Anne McKinnell

Jessie O'Rourke

Jessie O'Rourke

"Untitled" - Miroslav Kormoš

"Untitled" - Miroslav Kormoš

Exchange Info - Yeow

"Exchange Info" - Yeow

Which one of these images are your favorite? Leave a comment below and also feel free to leave a link to your best film street photograph as well!

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  • http://photos.marcocarbocci.com/ Marco Carbocci

    Eric, it is a real pleasure to find me on one of your pages and in such good company. Having thanked you, I really want to compliment all the others for the magnificent quality of their images. For my part, I remain a huge supporter of the grainy effect. Well. I would participate gladly more often in the very interesting discussions of your blog… if my written English was not so weak.

    • http://www.erickimphotography.com Eric Kim

      A pleasure for myself as well. If you would like to also write a blog post for us, please shoot me an email ;)

      • http://photos.marcocarbocci.com/ Marco Carbocci

        I’m a writer and a journalist. So, it’s not difficult for me to write a blog post and I do write it almost every day on my own blog… … but unfortunately only in French or Italian.

  • http://TerminalSix.wordpress.org LTD.Edition

    Miroslav Kormoš captured a rare moment where “The businessman” is engrossed in a single moment while the world around him, in atypical fashion, is full of buzz from a younger generation on the go, rushing through their day leaving an ironic and unexpected scene. I love it.

  • http://www.fokkomuller.nl fomu

    Love this shots! My fav are the Babushkas.

  • http://danacvoss.blogspot.com/ Dana Voss

    Close call between the “Babushkas” by Anne McKinnell and “Untitled” by Miroslav Kormoš for me.

  • http://web.me.com/jayavant Greg Williamson

    Michael Penn’s “Philadelphia 155″ is a great image showing an interesting perspective, and I love the humour of “Morbid Trilogy” by Carsten. Septembre à Montréal” by Marco Carbocci is fascinating – so much to look at in there, but I keep coming back to Miroslav Kormoš’s “Untitled” – it has an emotional content that I really like. I wonder what he is reading…

  • http://vtandijosaputro.tumblr.com Vincent Tandijo Saputro

    my fave is “(the only one who doesn’t have name! lol.)” by Jessie O’Rourke.
    the two man looks like they have their own world and quite enjoying it. :)

  • http://www.lightandreflections.com Danny Delgado

    Great post! Babushkas and Exchange Info are tops! Man I love the look and feel of film…

  • Bruce Clayton

    “Coffee shop cowboy” or “Babushkas” I really can’t decide..The first one because of the “feel/mood” and the second for personality and composition..

  • http://www.wanderinglulu.com Ewanglee

    I love “Babushkas”, “Exchange of Infos” and “Untitled” (Kormos). They capture the spirit of the moment.

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  • http://street-photo.over-blog.com noel

    Juste discovered your blog through Marco site ,I like your captures through your nice pics
    well done I will come back soon

  • http://www.exposedpla.net Nik | ExP

    What a great series! I’m a huge fan of Marco Carbocci’s work, as well as yours Eric! It’s great to see Marco’s work features on your site, what an honor.

    I also like Morbid Trilogy, that’s top notch!


  • Jessie O’Rourke

    Wow, this is from April and I just now realized that my photo was selected… thanks Eric!

  • 805214

    I would love to know which film was used for the “Jessie O’Rourke” photo! Beautiful work!