Show Your Pride with these Street Photography T-Shirts

Hey guys,

I want to thank everybody for all the love and support they have given to myself, this blog, and the street photography community. This site has grown far larger than I have ever anticipated, and I owe it all to you.

Unfortunately, server costs for myself have been going up so I thought it would be a great idea to start selling some t-shirts to help off-set the cost.

If you have ever read something helpful or inspirational in my blog and want to support my love of street photography, please purchase a shirt and tell your friends as well! Not only will you be able to show off your street photographer pride to everybody else, but you will be helping me as well continue to help grow the site.

*** You can customize the shirts in any colors you want in the store ***

*** You can customize the shirts in any colors you want in the store ***
I would also love your feedback on the designs of these shirts. If you also would like another type of shirt designed, please leave a comment below! I plan on designing many more shirts in the near future, so stay posted.

Thanks so much for the support,


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  • http://N/A D90Rich


    If you are going to sell shirts you need to offer sizes big enough for everyone. I wear a 3x and would gladly purchase at least two but you dont offer my size. Whats a photographer to do?

    • Eric Kim

      Hey Rich, thanks for the message. Unfortunately the vendor that I order the shirts through only offers 2XL at the moment. I apologize for that– hopefully they will offer bigger sizes in the near future.

  • Adrienne

    Hi Eric, I would love one also but you don’t do womens! I am a small size so I am sure even small men’s would look silly (and the cut won’t be nice)


    • Eric Kim

      Hi Adrienne,

      I will make some women’s sizes. What do you think about V-necks?

    • Eric Kim

      Adrienne– the women’s shirts are live! :)

  • Timothy Agee

    Don’t really like the old camera. I would prefer a digital camera. You could also have several shirts with different sayings. Some really cool sayings. Have people suggest sayings.
    I’ll still buy a couple to help out though.

    • Eric Kim

      Hi Tim, thanks for the support. However, I could make some more designs with a digital camera. Which camera would you like? :)

  • Hana

    LA represent!

    I also like the street photography shirt. Not feeling either the yellow or green shirt.

    • Eric Kim

      Hey Hana, you can customize the shirts and order them in any color :)

  • Mark Weston

    Eric, I am enjoying your site. The shirts look great. I ordered mine tonight. Mark

    • Eric Kim

      Thanks for the support Mark! :)

  • Henning Nilsen

    Good luck being invisible in that haha!

  • Marco Fiori

    Is there international postage, would love one of those!?

    • Eric Kim

      Not sure Marco– I’ll look into it.

  • Adrienne

    Hi Eric, you are a legend, but I read the post about Malaysia, and I am in Australia, so no good for me! :(

  • Adrienne

    Actually, my sister is in LA, I will get it posted to her and she can send it out!

  • Kye

    Love the shirts, but would like to see some DC love.

    • Eric Kim

      Kye–great suggestion. Will make one for DC ;)

  • Kye

    DC may be one of the hipster capitols of the nation, I could see you selling heaps here.

  • cindyyrellaa

    i’m excited for these! i like mine a lot..

  • ourit

    These are cool, but I would love something more cryptic. For example, I’d love a shirt that said “no, I’m not taking your photo” on the front. And on the back it would say ” yep, I just took your photo” . Also, I would love it in the color purple.

    • Eric Kim

      Great– I will make something like that for you Ourit ;)

  • fomu

    They are really very cool! Any idea what extra costs I could expect sending to Europe (like duties/taxes etcetea?). Considering printing on polo-shirts?

    • Eric Kim

      Good question– I’ll take a look for you Fokko

  • Wayne McVay

    I just ordered a shirt, I like that throw back camera. Any chance of getting shirts with a pockey?

    • Eric Kim

      Hi Wayne,

      Do you mean a shirt with a pocket?

  • Jason

    Hi Eric, fantastic site you have here. Would love a t-shirt to show some Chicago love if possible :)

  • Reacher

    no Boston??

    • Eric Kim

      I can make a Boston shirt ;)

      • Mr Gubrz

        Austin! im kinda shocked you dont do st courses in austin and boulder

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