How did you get started with Street Photography?

Everyone out there has a story to tell about how he/she got with street photography. Why not give us some inspiration and write a comment below and share your story! Looking forward in reading all of them! :)

“Walking with a Camera”

Note: Nacho Cordova who recently wrote this blog post about the differences between candid and street photography wrote this nice street photography poem for us all to enjoy. Let him know what you think by leaving him a comment below! Walking with a Camera Street photography is ambulatory and peripatetic, which is not to say… Read more about “Walking with a Camera”

The 11 Most Inspirational Street Photographs from Twitter

Recently on Twitter I asked you guys to share your best street photos with me. Here are all of the best entries that I got which I find quite inspirational. Congratulations to everybody who made the list! Curiosity by Juwan Dickerson

Why You Should Only Show Your Best Photos

Legandary fashion photographer Helmut Newton once said, “The first 10,000 shots are the worst.” When it comes to street photography in the digital age, I would say your first 100,000 shots are your worst.