Participate in our Christmas Print Exchange!

Hey guys,

I had a great idea for all of us for Christmas. We all love having prints in our homes of other photographers, but it can be pretty expensive at times. So I thought that having a “print exchange” in which photographers can send one another prints would be awesome!

So this is how it will go:

  1. Leave a comment below with your full name, your email, what country you are from, and a link to your photos (Website, Flickr, Blog, etc). (Due December 19th)
  2. I will then randomly assign two photographers to one another, and you will both coordinate sending 1 photo each to one another with at least a 12×18” size.
  3. Send photos to one another using a service of your preference (I prefer Costco or Snapfish–they are cheap and look amazing).
  4. Mount the photo you receive in your home or office, and take a photo of it.
  5. Send me the photos to and I will post them on my site.

Got questions? Leave a comment below.

Understand how this works? What are you waiting for–get started!

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  • Gerhard Günther

    Good idea, I’m in :-)
    Gerd from Germany

  • Alex Wichman

    I’m in the USA, go ahead and pick a photo from my website (above) or Flickr:

  • jakob lahn christensen

    from denmark.

  • Cindy Nguyen

    I’m from Los Angeles!

    And this is due December 19th right?
    :) can’t wait!

  • Ben Fowler

    From the US, great idea Eric!


  • Cary silverman
  • Justin Tzou

    can’t wait for photo sharing! yay for the holiday spirit!

    I’m from the city of Apple’s headquarters! Cupertino, CA, USA!

    here are a few of my photos!

  • Juergen Frisch

    hi, I am Juergen from Germany.

  • Jorge Quinteros

    I’m from Brooklyn, New York and my photographs are found on my website.

  • Devin Berg

    Great idea. I just hope I don’t disappoint my match. I’m in the USA.

  • Heike Wagner

    Hello, I’m from Germany, near by Frankfurt. It’s a great Idea!! Merry Christmas!!!
    Heike Wagner

  • Charlie Inboriboon

    Hi! I’m Charlie,

    I just moved to San Diego, but I’m originally from Chicago. This is such a great idea. Cant wait, though I am a little nervous about disappointing my matches…

  • Lina Garrana


    I’m from Beirut, Lebanon and these are my photos :

    Merry Christmas to all.

  • Ausberto

    I’m in sunny Florida…
    Love to hear from you. Merry Christmas to all….

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