Street Photography 101 Workshop Powerpoint and Outline

Street Photography 101 Workshop Eric Kim Thomas Leuthard

Hey everybody!

After having the time of my life teaching my Street Photography 101 workshop in Beirut, Lebanon with Thomas Leuthard, I thought that I’d spread the love to those of you who couldn’t make it! In alignment with my ideas on open source photography, I will be providing all of my slides as well as my outline to those who are interested. Feel free to use this information in any way you’d like–but all I ask is credit back to myself or to Thomas Leuthard (for his slides). I hope you guys enjoy and spread the love as well!

If you are interested in having me lead a street photography workshop in your city, please shoot me an email to You can also contact Thomas Leuthard at


Street Photography 101 Slideshare Link

Street Photography 101 Outline [.doc]

Street Photography 101 Powerpoint [.pptx]

Some Pictures from the Workshop:

Thomas Leuthard Eric Kim Street Photography 101 Workshop

Q&A session with Thomas Leuthard

Need to add more images from gallery

Eric Kim Shooting in the Streets

Shooting in the streets of Beirut, Lebanon

Shooting the Locals

Shooting the Locals

Eric Kim Post Processing Tutorial Lightroom 3

B/W Post Processing Tutorial in Adobe Lightroom

Street Photography 101 Workshop Beirut Lebanon Group Picture

Street Photography 101 Workshop Beirut Lebanon Group Picture

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  • jakob

    i see in this post that at the workshop you did a B/W Post Processing Tutorial can i convince you to make a video tutorial on how to do it and what the different stuff do?

  • Jaymi

    Thanks so much for this! Awesome info, and love the shots of the trip.

  • Piotr

    Eric, thanks for sharing the presentation materials with us! I’m really impressed with your part of the presentation. From only reading the slides I see you have prepared a great performance for people there (I think the workshop was very engaging for all of the participants). I wish I could take part in this workshop and take some shots with you guys there on the streets of Beirut. It looks like you had a great time there and learned a lot from each other.

    BTW. Thanks for using one of my photographs in your presentation :)

    • Eric Kim

      Hi Piotr– it was a great pleasure using one of your photos in the presentation :)

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