Only Show Your Best Photos


Marseille, 2012

Marseille, 2012

This is a general tip which is quintessential to photography. Like they say, you are strongest as your weakest link. The same applies to photography; your photography is only good as your worst photo. If your audience sees all your work and stumbles upon a photo that doesn’t seem “as good” as your other images, it lowers the legitimacy of your photography by a notch. You don’t want to show your audience a series of snapshots; you want to show them a gallery of your best work.

A common mistake many photographers do is have two images of the same scene in a series. Sometimes a scene can interest us and we will take several images of it, and we feel that they are all great. As difficult it is, you have to strive to only show your best image.

To determine which image is your best, try to be brutally honest with yourself and just make the decision. If you are in a huge rut, you could always ask a friend for a second opinion. I did this quite often with my girlfriend Cindy. I show her  two different variations of the same image and ask for her honest opinion. The majority of the time I go with her opinion.

I know choosing between two photos is like choosing between two children. It is very difficult– but it is something that has to be done.

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  • materiallives

    Like we are taught in creative writing courses, sometimes you have to “kill your babies.” Those words, phrases, or ideas that we get really attached to, but just don’t work.

    • Eric Kim

      “Killing your babies” is indeed an effective phrase to illustrate the point. Interesting to see how this concept carries across many different art-forms!

  • justin tzou

    great advice. I still have issues doing this and like you, I go to my girlfriend for her opinion and also end up listening to her. that’s also partially because if i don’t i get a beating. i kid.

    • Eric Kim

      Girlfriends are indeed the best.

  • Tom K.

    Such a simple yet profound and important idea. You’re on fire Eric. This blog is turning into “must read” material.

    • Eric Kim

      Thank you Tom– you always inspire me to write more and contribute to photography

  • Fotography

    Showing your best is just another way to say proofing your frames.

    • Eric Kim

      Most definitely

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