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Hey guys,

In order to see more of your guys’ amazing photography, I decided to run a mini-competition for about a week (until Saturday) for people to contribute their images, which will get featured on this blog!

1x1.trans Get Featured on Eric Kim Photographys Blog!

Stella Kim over at tha.inthevisual. photography


  1. Go to my Facebook Fan Page
  2. Like Me
  3. Post your best photo to my wall (instructions)
  4. That’s it!

Next Saturday (July 17th) I will post all of the photos on my Facebook Fan Page to this blog! I will also give you guys credit and include a link to your Facebook, Twitter, Blog, or whatever.

Looking forward in seeing your guys’ entries!

ha.inthevisual. photography

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  1. says

    hey eric!
    if only i had good photos to share, i’d post it on your fbook. great idea to collect and promote friends’ works though!
    i’m currently in seoul, and created a new blog to show stuff from here. may i add your blog to my links list?

    • says

      Hey Jini,

      Don’t be shy! Share some photos — I’m sure you have a ton of great stuff!

      And yes– feel free to add a link to my site. I’ll link back to yours as well! :)


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