“Europe Through My Lens” – Black and White Street Photography Slideshow

Hey guys, After hours of editing, choosing photos, and syncing the music, I was finally able to put together a slideshow of my black and white street photography from Europe. With the help of my girlfriend Cindy I was able to visit Paris, Rome, Florence, Cinque Terre, Venice, Prague, and London. After sorting through 40,000 photos… Read more about “Europe Through My Lens” – Black and White Street Photography Slideshow

Chicago Street Photography

Two weeks ago, I had the great pleasure of heading to Chicago for the first time in my life. My girlfriend Cindy at the time (and currently still is) studying Vietnamese at the University of Madison-Wisconsin, and after being away from one another for a month, decided to meet in Chicago. I flew over from… Read more about Chicago Street Photography

Show Your Favorite Photos – Results

Hey guys, So I ran my first “Show Your Favorite Photos” mini-contest on my blog today, in which anybody could participate by uploading their favorite photos to my Facebook Fan Page. Here are the gorgeous images of the people who participated and links to their sites (if they had one). tha.inthevisual.photography tha.inthevisual.photography Tyler Mann Photography… Read more about Show Your Favorite Photos – Results

Only Show Your Best Photos

  This is a general tip which is quintessential to photography. Like they say, you are strongest as your weakest link. The same applies to photography; your photography is only good as your worst photo. If your audience sees all your work and stumbles upon a photo that doesn’t seem “as good” as your other… Read more about Only Show Your Best Photos

Have a great July 4th Weekend! – Off to Chi-town

Hey guys, I’m going to be going to Chicago for this July 4th weekend to meet up with my girlfriend Cindy as well as heading to the University of Madison, Wisconsin, where we could also hopefully connect with Cydney Alexis! Have a wonderful weekend and see you guys soon :)

How to Master “The Decisive Moment”

“The Decisive Moment” was a term coined by the pioneer of street photography, Henri Cartier-Bresson. During his time, photography was still a relatively new art medium and it wasn’t taken seriously. Furthermore, photographers were often criticized for not having the same discipline and creativity as traditional artists as photographers can create their images in a… Read more about How to Master “The Decisive Moment”